Philosophical Tasks: An Introduction to Some Aims and Methods in Recent Philosophy
Bird (Graham)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. An attempt to identify and examine some central themes in recent Anglo-American philosophy.
  2. The book deals generally with the claim that philosophy is essentially linguistic, and considers particularly such topics as philosophy and science, fact and language, conceptual analysis, first- and second-order tasks, scepticism, ordinary language, and conceptual frameworks.

  1. My intention has been to produce a book that might introduce readers to some aspects of recent Anglo-American philosophy.
  2. Several books have outlined the development of philosophy up to the beginnings of so-called linguistic philosophy. Some books have been extremely critical of this latest development.
  3. I have tried to introduce readers to arguments and material which would enable them to reach some view of these developments for themselves.

    Preface – 9
  1. The revolutionary background – 11
  2. Philosophy and science – 24
  3. Philosophy and history – 44
  4. Fact and language – 61
  5. Language and perception – 80
  6. Scepticism – 97
  7. Ordinary language – 117
  8. Conceptual schemes and categorial frameworks – 134
    Bibliography – 149
    Index – 155


Hutchinson University Library, London, 1972

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