The Descent of Mind - The Nature and Purpose of Intelligence
Evans (Peter) & Deehan (Geoff)
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.



  1. What is the secret of intelligence? Why should human beings have evolved into intelligent creatures? Do we have one mind, or many? Are we born with intelligence? How easy is it to measure? Can it be improved by the right kind of teaching?
  2. These and many other questions are considered in this fascinating, wide-ranging enquiry into current attempts to understand the true nature of intelligence. Having sought the opinions of leading brain scientists and psychologists, the authors examine the many facets of this controversial quality of mind, including the enigma of artificial intelligence; the possibility of extra-terrestrial intelligence; the political and social aspects of IQ testing; theories of multiple intelligence; questions as to whether animals think; and why certain countries, like Japan, appear to have an escalating IQ.
  3. The result is an absorbing guide to the latest research and a distillation of current thinking on the subject. With practical suggestions for ways in which we can increase our intelligence, The Descent of Mind is required reading for anyone with an interest in the latest thinking in the fields of popular science and psychology.

    Preface – 9
  1. In the Eye of the Beholder – 11
  2. Intelligent Behaviour – 31
  3. Inside the Enchanted Loom – 57
  4. Minds, Brains and Souls – 85
  5. Simulating Intelligence – 101
  6. The Descent of Mind – 125
  7. Snakes and Ladders – 153
  8. Fostering the Outward Urge – 167
    Bibliography – 199
    Index – 201


Paladin, Grafton Books, Collins; 1991. Paperback.

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