A Question of Life - The Warnock Report on Human Fertilisation and Embryology
Warnock (Mary)
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  1. In July 1978 Britain's first test-tube baby was born. As science fiction became reality it was clear that an adequate ethical - and legal - structure was needed to cope with the complex moral, religious, scientific and medical problems surrounding the creation of human life.
  2. In 1982 the British government set up the Warnock Committee - a group of doctors, lawyers, theologians, social scientists and ordinary citizens - to consider the implications of surrogate motherhood, cloning, in vitro fertilisation and other methods of helping childless couples.
  3. Their report, published in Summer 1984, has provoked predictably strong reactions and is widely regarded as an early landmark in an international debate that can only grow more intense as science advances.
  4. In two chapters Mary Warnock explains the background to the report, and considers the advisability of expecting a small group of individuals to provide the ethical basis for legislation concerning these (and other) questions of such great social significance.


Blackwell, 1985

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