Persons and Bodies: A Constitution View

(Baker (Lynne Rudder))

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Note Note Group Date Last Changed
Baker, also (2)Personal Identity2018-01-20
Baker - In Favour Of the Constitution ViewWrite-ups2018-05-25
Baker - Personal Identity Over TimeWrite-ups2015-03-14
Baker - Persons and BodiesWrite-ups2018-05-25
Baker - Persons and Bodies - PrecisWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - Persons and Bodies - Response to Garrett, also (2)Write-ups2018-05-25
Baker - Persons and Bodies - Response to NoonanWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - Persons and Bodies - Response to OlsonWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - Persons and Bodies (Book Summary)Write-ups2018-04-17
Baker - Persons and Bodies (e-Symposium)Write-ups2010-12-18
Baker - Persons in the Material WorldWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - The Coherence Of the Constitution View of Human PersonsWrite-ups2010-12-18
Baker - The Coherence Of the Idea of Material ConstitutionWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - The Constitution View of Human PersonsWrite-ups2010-12-18
Baker - The First-Person PerspectiveWrite-ups2010-12-18
Baker - The Human Animal: Big-Tent MetaphysicsWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - The Human Animal: Response to OlsonWrite-ups2018-04-17
Baker - The Importance Of Being a PersonWrite-ups2010-12-18
Baker - The Very Idea of ConstitutionWrite-ups2010-12-18
Baker - What Am I?, also (2)Write-ups2018-04-17
BodyPersonal Identity2018-03-12
Christian MaterialismPersonal Identity2015-08-31
Constitution View, also (2)Personal Identity2018-02-06
DeGrazia - Are We Essentially Persons?Write-ups2018-05-11
Noonan - Persons and Bodies - ResponseWrite-ups2018-05-26
Olson - Personal Identity - Oxford Bibliographies Online, also (2)Write-ups2018-04-21
Olson - Persons and Bodies - ResponseWrite-ups2018-05-25
Olson - What Are We?, also (2), also (3)Write-ups2018-04-21
Snowdon - The Self and Personal IdentityWrite-ups2015-08-13
Status: Personal Identity (2008-April), also (2)Status Reports2008-04-07
Status: Personal Identity (Summary of Progress to Date)Status Reports2018-04-21
Status: Summary (2010 - December)Status Reports2010-12-18
Taking Persons SeriouslyPersonal Identity2018-05-25
Theo Todman's Philosophy Research Papers, also (2)Control2018-04-21
Thesis - Chapter 03 (What is a Person?)Personal Identity2016-04-05
Thesis - Chapter 07 (The Constitution View and Arguments for It)Personal Identity2016-04-05

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