A Brief History of Time - From the Big Bang to Black Holes
Hawking (Stephen)
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Inside Cover Blurb

  1. Stephen Hawking is one of the world's leading cosmologists and is widely regarded as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Einstein. Although he has been widely published within his highly specialized field, A Brief History of Time is the first work he has written for the non-mathematical layman. In it he explores the outer reaches of our knowledge of astrophysics and the nature of time and the universe. The result is a revelation: a book that not only serves as an introduction to today's most important theories on the cosmos but affords a unique opportunity to experience one of the most imaginative and influential thinkers of our age.
  2. Confined to a wheelchair for the last twenty1 years by a motor-neuron disease, Professor Hawking is best known for his work on black holes. But here he turns his mind to the biggest question of all; the search for a unified theory that combines general relativity and quantum mechanics2.
  3. Always in the clearest, most accessible terms Stephen Hawking reviews the great theories of the cosmos, from Galileo and Newton to Einstein and Poincare, and then moves on into deepest space for the greatest intellectual adventure of all. Could time run backwards? Will a 'no boundary' universe replace the big bang theory? What happens in a universe with eleven dimensions? These are just some of the questions considered with devastating lucidity and brilliance in A Brief History of Time, a work that is bound to become a classic of its kind.

    Acknowledgments – vi
    Introduction by Carl Sagan – ix
  1. Our Picture of the Universe – 1
  2. Space and Time – 15
  3. The Expanding Universe – 35
  4. The Uncertainty Principle – 53
  5. Elementary Particles and the Forces of Nature – 63
  6. Black Holes – 81
  7. Black Holes Ain't So Black – 99
  8. The Origin and Fate of the Universe – 115
  9. The Arrow of Time – 143
  10. The Unification of Physics – 155
  11. Conclusion – 171
    Albert Einstein – 177
    Galileo Galilei – 179
    Isaac Newton – 181
    Glossary – 183
    Index – 189

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Footnote 1: As of 1988.

  • Bantam Press, 1988, hardback;
  • Introduction by Carl Sagan

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