Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix
Yeffeth (Glenn), Ed.
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. How many layers of meaning lie in The Matrix? 'More than you will ever know.'
    - The Wachowski brothers1 (writers and directors of The Matrix)
  2. Taking the Red Pill is a thought-provoking, mind-expanding thrill ride through The Matrix, examining the technological challenges, religious symbolism and philosophical dilemmas the film presents.
  3. Renowned scientists, technologists, philosophers, scholars, social commentators and science fiction authors provide engaging and provocative perspectives. Taking the Red Pill will change how you view The Matrix - and the world.

  1. Introduction – 6
    → David Gerrold
  2. What Is The Matrix? – 10
    → Read Mercer Schuchardt
  3. Was Cypher Right? Part I: Why We Stay In Our Matrix – 31
    Robin Hanson
  4. Was Cypher Right? Part II: The Nature Of Reality And Why It Matters – 43
    → Lyle Zynda
  5. Artificial Intelligence2, Science Fiction And The Matrix – 56
    → Robert Sawyer
  6. The Reality Paradox In The Matrix – 72
    → James Gunn
  7. The Matrix: Paradigm Of Postmodernism Or Intellectual Poseur? Part I – 85
    → Dino Felluga
  8. The Matrix: Paradigm Of Postmodernism Or Intellectual Poseur? Part II – 102
    → Andrew Gordon
  9. Glitches In The Matrix ... And How To Fix Them – 124
    Peter Lloyd
  10. Buddism, Mythology, And The Matrix – 150
    → James L. Ford
  11. Human Freedom And The Red Pill – 174
    → Peter J. Boettke
  12. Finding God In The Matrix – 189
    → Paul Fontana
  13. The Human Machine Merger: Are We Heading For The Matrix? – 220
    Ray Kurzweil
  14. Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us – 235
    → Bill Joy
  15. Are We Living In The Matrix? The Simulation Argument – 276
    Nick Bostrom
  16. The Matrix Glossary – 287
  17. Contributors – 302

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Footnote 1: “Brothers” – now sisters!


Summersdale Publishers, Chichester, 2003

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