Reality and Humean Supervenience: Essays on the Philosophy of David Lewis
Preyer (Gerhard) & Siebelt (Frank)
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  1. If asked what Humeanism could mean today, there is no other philosopher to turn to whose work covers such a wide range of topics from a unified Humean perspective as that of David Lewis.
  2. The core of Lewis's many contributions to philosophy, including his work in philosophical ontology, intensional logic and semantics, probability and decision theory, topics within philosophy of science as well as a distinguished philosophy of mind, can be understood as the development of philosophical position that is centered around his conception of Humean supervenience1.
  3. If we accept the thesis that it is physical science and not philosophical reasoning that will eventually arrive at the basic constituents of all matter pertaining to our world, then Humean supervenience2 is the assumption that all truths about our world will supervene3 on the class of physical truths in the following sense: There are no truths in any compartment of our world that cannot be accounted for in terms of differences and similarities among those properties and external space-time relations that are fundamental to our world according to physical science.

  1. Modal4 Realism
  2. Island Universes and the Analysis of Modality5
  3. Time Travel6 Fiction
  4. Counting the Cost of Modal7 Realism
  5. Against Against Overlap and Endurance
  6. The Case for Perdurance8
  7. Physicalism, Causation9, and Conditionals
  8. Naturalism for the Faint of Heart
  9. Going through the Open Door Again: Counterfactual vs. Singularist theories of Causation10
  10. On Forward and Backward Counterfactual Conditions
  11. Reduction of Mind
  12. Multiple Reference, Multiple Realization, and the Reduction of Mind
  13. Knowing What It Is like: The Ability Hypothesis and the Knowledge Argument
  14. Index
  15. Reality and Humean Supervenience11: Some Essays on David Lewis's Philosophy


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (28 Dec. 2000)

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