The Bible in One Year: New International Version
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  1. The Bible in One Year is a new arrangement of the Bible designed to let the reader get the most out of reading the complete Bible methodically in the space of one year. For every day in the year, readings are given from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and from Psalms or Proverbs. Reading may begin at any time during the year; but the Old Testament books are placed in broadly chronological order, starting on January 1st. However, in the interests of smooth reading, and to keep the individual character of different books, the books themselves are not broken up but are generally read in sequence. For the same reason, the New Testament is presented in traditional Bible order. A time chart is included in the notes and maps at the end of the book, and reference to this will help the reader to see the flow of biblical history.
  2. Psalms and Proverbs have been divided evenly over the whole year. Because of the poetic nature of the Psalms, and the pithy wisdom of Proverbs, they are resented in regular, short sections to encourage reflection at the end of the day's reading.
  3. This Bible may also be used for reference, and the contents pages show where each book begins.
  4. The notes and maps at the end of the book will be especially useful to those who are less familiar with the Bible. The section called What is the Bible is a helpful Introduction to Bible reading, and other sections give background information, a summary of the individual books, an index to well-known passages, and five useful Bible maps.


Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1988. On loan to Becky.

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