Easy Japanese: A Guide to Spoken and Written Japanese
Seward (Jack)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. In 16 easy-to-follow lessons, Jack Seward — one of America’s leading authorities on Japanese language and culture — provides all the basics you need to speak and write Japanese.
  2. Designed with the true beginner in mind, Easy Japanese provides full language explanations in English and focuses on essential Japanese for effective communication in every-day situations.
  3. Lessons are designed to make learning Japanese stimulating and effortless and are organized into the following clearly defined sections for ease of use:
    • Useful everyday expressions;
    • Vocabulary and sample sentences;
    • Pattern sentences and how to use the grammar;
    • Cultural sidelights and study recommendations.
  4. Written Japanese — both Kana and Kanji — is introduced halfway through the book, once a comfortable level of verbal communication has been reached.
  5. Easy Japanese gives you language skills you can put to use right from the start, and allows you to progress at your own pace. And because the presentation is in English, material can be easily reviewed and mastered.

Book Comment

Passport Books, NTC Publishing Group, 1992 Paperback

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