German in Three Months
Friedlander (Ann)
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  1. In preparing Part I of this Grammar, we have assumed that the reader wants to learn German from a practical angle and have accordingly set out those rules that will be of most use to him or her in this respect. The order in which they are given also takes the need for rapid progress into consideration. This order is combined with exercises containing sentences of as practical a nature as is possible within the limitations of the concurrent vocabulary, so that you will be able to put your knowledge of the language to use at an early stage. The verbs have been simplified as much as possible; for detailed reference (complete conjugation tables and so forth) we recommend our German Verbs Simplified. The Hugo system of Imitated Pronunciation makes everything so much easier for the absolute beginner, as do our cassette and disc recordings of this book.
  2. In Part II we progress to the use of idiom and common colloquial expressions, and then to reading practice. Any serious student of the language will need to have a thorough grasp of such things, and the less dedicated will find that the business of language learning takes on a new (and much brighter) light when the living idiomatic language is displayed. With an eye to the needs of the visitor to Germany, we have included specialized vocabularies on such subjects as travel, clothing, shops, food, and so on. These lists do not merely constitute a sort of phrase book; use them together with the words and constructions already learnt in Part I, interchange them and thus consolidate your knowledge of the language.
  3. Part III consists of the answers to the grammar exercises in Part I. Advice on how to tackle these exercises will be found in the Introduction to Part I on p. 7.


Hugo, 1979. See "Martin-Wunscher (Sigrid) - German in Three Months" for a later edition.

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