Fire on Earth: in Search of the Doomsday Asteroid
Gribbin (John) & Gribbin (Mary)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. Could collision with a giant comet pose the greatest threat to human life this planet has ever faced?
  2. New evidence is making it increasingly clear that throughout Earth’s history, the impact of comets has had shattering results. A giant comet striking Mexico triggered the catastrophe that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The break-up of another giant comet is thought to have destroyed civilizations and plunged Europe into the Dark Ages.
  3. Now, in this important and revealing new book, John and Mary Gribbin examine the origins of comets and all that is known of them to date, including the controversial claims that there are ‘periodic extinctions’ of life on earth linked to a recurring cycle of cometary impacts.
  4. Using evidence gathered from the effects of known impacts, Fire on Earth shows that the next appalling series of cosmic hits will almost certainly lead to the extinction of humankind . . . unless scientific knowledge has advanced enough to alter the orbit of a comet which heads our way.


Simon & Schuster, London (Pocket Books), 1997

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