Being Human: Putting People in an Evolutionary Perspective
Gribbin (John) & Gribbin (Mary)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. What is it that makes people human beings? What forms our emotions, our intellect, and our relationships with other people?
  2. In this provocative book, Mary and John Gribbin tell the story of the global environmental changes that drove an African ape out of Africa and made us human. Then they go further, to explain the modem science of sociobiology, the study of human behaviour that explains our loves and hates, the conflicts between parents and children, and the reasons why we fight wars or save each other's fives.
  3. Being Human has been praised by sociobiology’s “father”, Professor Edward O. Wilson of Harvard University: “The Gribbins explain the basis and paradox of sociobiology in language that can be understood by all, making clear why the subject is provocative and unpalatable to many even as it tries to provide a unified view of human behaviour.”


J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd (23 Sept. 1993). Hardback.

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