In Search of the Edge of Time
Gribbin (John)
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Inside Cover Blurb

  1. Is time travel possible? Common sense tells us that it isn’t. Time machines, surely, are simply the stuff of science fiction. But scientists from California to Moscow are now seriously investigating the possibility. Their startling finding is that the laws of physics do actually allow for the existence of time machines - although there is no prospect at present of any human being using one to go back and change the past.
  2. Time travel involves those ultimate concentrations of matter and gravity, black holes. Among its other bizarre properties, a black hole is a place where time literally comes to a stop - an edge of time. Now, in his new book, bestselling science writer John Gribbin takes us over the edge, to a place where time runs backwards and everyday rules of common sense no longer apply.
  3. The story begins in the seventeenth century, with the cleric who first suggested that black holes might exist, and along the way it involves meetings with key historical characters, including the lazy philosopher who found inspiration in the flight of a fly, the mathematicians who invented a new kind of geometry in which parallel lines can cross each other, and physicists who didn’t believe their own theories until confounded by new astronomical discoveries which they should have predicted - but didn’t.
  4. Accessible, entertaining and informative, In Search of the Edge of Time is John Gribbin at his best.


Bantam Press, Transworld Publishers, 1992. Hardback.

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