Narziss and Goldmund
Hesse (Hermann)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. In a sense, both Narziss and Goldmund - the ascetic and the Dionysian - are what Hermann Hesse might have been.
  2. Narziss is a teacher at Mariabronn, a monastery in medieval Germany. Brilliant and severe, he feels that Goldmund, his favourite pupil, will never be a scholar or a monk. So Narziss helps Goldmund realize that they must each fulfil themselves in different ways: Narziss retiring from the world into a patterned order of prayer and philosophy while Goldmund quits the cloisters to plunge into a sea of blood and lust, cutting a picaresque swathe through plague, storm and murder, always chasing a fugitive vision of artistic perfection, its form ‘the mother of all things’.
  3. A strong element of conjectural autobiography gives to this masterpiece a ripe wisdom and a powerful insight into universal dilemmas and man’s role on earth.


Penguin, 1971. Translated by Geoffrey Dunlop

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