Elements of Deductive Logic
Eagle (Anthony)
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Author’s Preface

  1. This book was primarily designed to prepare a student for the paper Elements of Deductive Logic offered to mathematically-minded first year philosophy students at Oxford. With a change in regulations, the present book no longer serves that purpose. Yet it should, I hope, provide a useful introduction to logic for interested students, independent of its now defunct role in Oxford.
  2. The book was originally written to be read alongside Hodges (2001), and the text remains peppered with references to that book. Yet the book should stand alone; where it disagrees with Hodges (in notation, some technical details, and the discussion of standard classical quantified logic, as well as free logic), I think it is to be preferred.
  3. It should provide a good overview of the tableaux system for those who have studied logic using other methods; it should also provide a little bit of extra mathematical sophistication for those logic students who weren’t challenged enough by introductory logic, and who are not yet prepared to take on a full formal logic course.
  4. Of course, I think that it will provide a good overview and introduction to logic for any interested reader, not just students — the exercises should prove useful to anyone studying this book on their own.
  5. The material in the appendices on mathematical induction and set theory, while not strictly speaking part of the syllabus for an introductory mathematical logic course, are essential for a full understanding of the present text, and obligatory for any further progress in the field.


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