The Play of the Cards
Reese (Terence) & Dormer (Albert)
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  1. The authors, world-ranking authorities on bridge, deal exclusively with the play of the cards in this book. In addition to a full account of technique, both elementary and advanced, they pay special attention to modern styles of partnership co-operation in defence. A feature of the book is that each section and every set of examples is headed by a statement of some general principle that the reader can commit to mind.
  2. The Play of the Cards is by far the most comprehensive and up-to-date account ever written on this department of the game of bridge. This book, together with "Reese (Terence) - Reese on Play" and "Reese (Terence) - The Expert Game", form a trilogy, that will not be surpassed while the game retains its present form.

  1. In a book which covers the ground from elementary to the threshold of expert play1 the level of instruction is bound to vary within a single chapter. To some extent the reader must pace himself. Thus a player who does not need to be told how to manage, say, Q-x-x opposite A-x-x, may pass quickly over the first few pages of the first chapter. He will find plenty to bite on in chapters like ‘Beating the Odds' and 'Detective Work in the Middle Game'.
  2. We have given much thought to the little injunctions that appear In italics at many points of the text. If studied before and after the sections to which they relate, we believe they will go far to fix the content in the reader's mind.

    Foreword – vii
  • Part One – Playing the Dummy
    1. Building Tricks in a Single Suit – 11
      Suit Establishment – The Finesse – Safety Play – Probabilities of Distribution
    2. The Early Play in Notrumps – 28
      Playing from Dummy to the First Trick – Holding Up on the First Trick – Which Suit to Develop – The Danger Hand – Problems of Communication
    3. The Early Play in Trump Contracts – 44
      When to Draw Trumps – Ruffing Losers with Dummy's Trumps – Building Long Cards by Ruffing – Planning a Crossruff – Dummy Reversal
    4. Trump Control and Timing – 58
      How to Gain a Tempo – Using Dummy's Trumps to Keep Control – When You Cannot Escape Being Forced – Testing a Side Suit Before Drawing Trumps
    5. Means of Access – 67
      Building Extra Entries – Entries in the Trump Suit – Attacking the Defenders' Communications – Avoidance Play
    6. Beating the Odds – 81
      Deductions from the Bidding – Deductions from the Opening Lead – Counting the Hand – Discovery
    7. Detective Work in the Middle Game – 94
      Inferences from the Defenders' Play – Playing on an Assumption
  • Part Two – The Defence
    1. The Play to the First Trick – 109
      Which Suit to Lead – Which Card to Lead – The Play by Third Hand
    2. Signalling – 122
      Signalling When Your Partner Leads to a Trick – Signalling When the Declarer Leads to a Trick – The Trump Echo — Suit-Preference Signals – Help for Partner
    3. Manoeuvres in a Single Suit – 134
      Ducking – Unblocking Plays – Blocking Plays – How to Play When Dummy Leads an Honour – How to Play When the Declarer Leads an Honour – Finessing Against Partner
    4. Tactical Moves at Notrumps – 145
      Killing Entries – Creating an Entry to Partner's Hand – Switching from Suit to Suit
    5. Tactical Moves Against Trump Contracts – 156
      Getting Ruffs — Trump Promotion – The Uppercut
  • Part Three – End-Plays and Deceptive Plays
    1. Eliminations and Throw-ins – 171
      Eliminations – How to Defend Against Eliminations – The Throw-in – Defence to Throw-in Play
    2. Further Plays in the Trump Suit – 186
      Protecting Master Cards – Avoiding an Overruff — Avoiding Trump Promotion – Allowing a Ruff-and-Discard – Trump Coups – Coup en Passant
    3. Squeeze Play – 198
      How to Squeeze One Opponent – How to Execute Squeeze Variations – How to Beat Squeezes
    4. How to Steal Tricks – 214
      False-Carding by the Defenders – Single-Suit Plays by the Declarer

In-Page Footnotes ("Reese (Terence) & Dormer (Albert) - The Play of the Cards")

Footnote 1: The natural successors to this work are with "Reese (Terence) - Reese on Play" and "Reese (Terence) - The Expert Game".


Hale Bridge Books, London, 1991

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