Complete Greek Course
Matsukas (Aristarhos)
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  1. Teach Yourself Greek is an up-to-date course in modern Greek. If you want to make quick progress beyond the basics for your next holiday or business trip to Greece, or if you need to brush up your existing knowledge, then this is the course for you. The language you will learn in this book is the standard Greek that you will hear spoken in everyday life in Greece.
  2. The emphasis is on communication thoroughout so that by the end of the course you will be understanding, speaking and writing Greek with confidence. Key structures and vocabulary are introduced in 15 thematic units dealing with topics from saying hello to giving opinions and carrying out business discussions.
  3. This new edition has been completely rewritten and updated to make explanations simpler and reflect changes such as the introduction of the euro. There is a new pronunciation guide which is easier to understand and you need no previous knowledge of language terminology to use it. The script is introduced right from the start but English translations and transliterations of the dialogues have been added to the first five units so that you can start speaking immediately. The transliteration continues up to Unit 10. There are three revision units and a 'mini test' at the end of each unit so that you can check your progress and revise areas of difficulty as you work your way through the course. Other new features include a glossary of grammatical terms, timelines showing important dates in Greek history and the evolution1 of the language, a taking it further section to direct you to further sources of real Greek and an English-Greek glossary to go alongside the existing Greek-English glossary. The page design has been improved and section headings given in English to make it easier for you to find your way around the book.
  4. All the dialogues and other listening material are available on the accompanying recording which has been increased to two cassettes or CDs amounting to approximately 150 minutes of listening material.

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Teach Yourself, Hodder Education, 2003 - Also CDs

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