The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice
Gordon (Ronni L.) & Stillman (David M.)
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Cover Blurb

  1. The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice, CD-ROM Edition, will transform the way you look at Spanish grammar – from a set of easily forgotten rules into stepping stones toward accurate and confident communication. Combining concise review with extensive practice, this book provides the ultimate way to polish your Spanish language skills.
  2. Organized into 28 lessons, The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice offers:
    • Clear, concise explanations of all the grammar topics, illustrated from examples from everyday life
    • More than 400 exercises with Answer Key to help you master Spanish grammar and vocabulary
    • Vocabulary boxes providing the terms and expressions that will enhance your ability to express yourself
  3. Exclusively on the CD-ROM
    • An innovative program of audio exercises that re-create authentic situations and develop listening skills
    • Diagnostic and Review Tests with 180 exercises to determine your skills and monitor your progress
    • 200 varied and challenging exercises that cover all aspects of grammar

Book Comment
  • McGraw Hill, July 2007.
  • Also an interactive CD (ie. not an audio CD), but it doesn't work well with Windows 10 (and didn't work with Vista either).
  • Looks like the CD expects an MS Access database to exist to store the diagnostic test results. But the other tests seem to work OK. Probably not worth using though.

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