Kana De Manga: Fun, Easy Way to Learn the ABCs of Japanese
Kardy (Glenn)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. "A great investment!"
    → Ronald A. Morse Professor of japan Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  2. Japanese comic books and cartoons have taken the world by storm. To remain on the cutting edge of the manga and anime trend, though, you've got to learn the lingo of the Land of the Rising Sun.
  3. Kana de Manga makes learning hiragana and katakana – the "ABCs of Japanese" – fun and easy for "otaku" of all ages. Memorize the characters, study the stroke orders, enjoy the pictures; with a little patience and practice, you'll be reading and writing Japanese in no time at all!

Amazon Product Description
  1. Kana de Manga, the latest entry in the popular Manga University line-up of books, uses original manga artwork to teach students how to read, write and pronounce the Japanese hiragana and katakana alphabets, also known as "kana."
  2. Author Glenn Kardy, editor of several of the English-language volumes in the world-renowned How to Draw Manga series, and artist Chihiro Hattori have teamed up to create this must-have book for manga enthusiasts who are interested in more than just pretty pictures.
  3. Includes a foreword by Dr. Ronald A. Morse, professor of Japan Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Book Comment

Manga University, Japanime Co Ltd, 2004

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