Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure
Lammers (W.P.)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. Japanese difficult? Study boring? Not if you use a "real manga, real Japanese" approach to learning.
  2. Presenting all spoken Japanese as a variation of three basic sentence types, Japanese the Manga Way shows you how to build complex constructions step by step. Almost every key grammar point taught in the first two years of study is illustrated with a panel from a manga actually published in Japan to show how the language is used in real life.
  3. Learning with manga makes rules and structures easy to remember, and also lets you experience colloquialisms, contractions, interjections, and other elements of speech that get short shrift in more formal textbooks. At the same time, you'll find a wealth of solid information to give you confidence at exam time.
  4. With a detailed index, numerous tables and sidebars, and a complete guide to pronunciation, Japanese the Manga Way is ideal as an introduction for the independent student, as a supplement for the beginning classroom, and as a reference or review for advanced learners.
  5. Wayne P. Lammers grew up in Japan and has taught Japanese at the university level. An award-winning translator, he was the translation editor for Mangajin magazine for seven years. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

  1. The Three Basic Sentence Types
  2. Sentence Particles
  3. Desu and -Masu
  4. Simple Questions with Ka
  5. Doing Things with Suru
  6. Modifying Verbs, Adjectives, & Desu
  7. Modifying Nouns
  8. Explanatory No
  9. Go Marks the Subject
  10. 0 Marks the Direct Object
  11. Wa Marks the Topic
  12. Ko-so-a-do Words
  13. Some High-Traffic Particles
  14. Connecting Words
  15. Quoting with To
  16. Complete Sentence Modifiers
  17. Question Words
  18. The Past Forms
  19. The - Te Form
  20. Negative Verbs
  21. Negative Adjectives & Desu
  22. Let’s Do It!
  23. Desire
  24. If and When
  25. More - Te Form Expressions
  26. Probably, Surely, Maybe
  27. Commands
  28. Can Do
  29. Passive Verbs
  30. Making It Happen
  31. Giving and Receiving
  32. Appearances and Hearsay

Book Comment

Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, California, 2005. Nice papaerback.

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