The Union of Christendom: Volume 2
MacKenzie (Kenneth)
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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  • Part 4 – The Possibility of a United Christendom
    1. From the Roman Catholic Standpoint (H. Beevor)
    2. From the Eastern Standpoint (Prof. Nicholas Arseniev)
    3. From the Standpoint of the Anglican Communion (J.W.C. Wand, Archbishop of Brisbane)
    4. From the Scandinavian Standpoint (Einar Molland)
    5. American Lutherans (F.H. Knubel & Charles M. Jacobs)
    6. From the Standpoint of the Non-Episcopal Communions
      1. Presbyterian (J. Wilson Baird)
      2. Methodist (W.F. Lofthouse)
      3. Congregational (Cecil John Cadoux)
      4. Baptist (R. Ashworth)
  • Part 5 – Essential Principles of Catholicism
    1. The Appeal to Scripture and Tradition (Eric Graham)
    2. Apostolicity (Sparrow Simpson)
    3. Grace and the Sacraments (Arthur Couratin)
    4. Holy Living and Holy Dying (F.P. Harton)
    5. Authority and Freedom (Frederic Hood)
    6. A Christian Social Order (B. Iddings Bell)

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