<!DOCTYPE html><HTML lang="en"> <head><meta charset="utf-8"> <title>The Developing Child (Bee (Helen)) - Theo Todman's Book Collection (Book-Paper Abstracts)</title> <link href="../../../TheosStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="../../../TT_ICO.png" /> </head> <a name="Top"></a> <BODY> <div id="header"> <HR><H1>Theo Todman's Book Collection (Book-Paper Abstracts)</H1></div> <hr><CENTER><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><tr><td colspan =1><A HREF = "../BookSummary_3182.htm">The Developing Child</A></td></tr><tr><td colspan =1><A HREF = "../../../Authors/B/Author_Bee (Helen).htm">Bee (Helen)</a></td></tr><tr><td colspan =1>This Page provides (where held) the <b>Abstract</b> of the above <b>Book</b> and those of all the <b>Papers</b> contained in it.</td></tr><tr><td><A HREF="#ColourConventions">Text Colour-Conventions</a></td></tr></tr></TABLE></CENTER><hr> <P ALIGN = "Justify"><FONT Size = 2 FACE="Arial"><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><B>BOOK ABSTRACT: </B><BR><BR><U><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Link_B3182_1">Contents</A></U><SUB>1</SUB><a name="On-Page_Return_B3182_1"></A></U><FONT COLOR = "800080"><ol type="1"><li>Basic Questions<BR>& Nature and Nurture: An Ancient Debate <BR>& Interactions of Nature and Nurture <BR>& The Nature of Development <BR>& Theories of Development <BR>& Finding the Answers: Research on Development <BR>& Research Methods <BR>& Research Analysis </li><li>Prenatal Development<BR>& Conception <BR>& The Basics of Conception <BR>& Patterns of Genetic Inheritance <BR>& <a name="1"></a><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1173.htm">Twins</A><SUP>2</SUP> and Siblings <BR>& Genotypes and Phenotypes <BR>& Development from Conception to Birth <BR>& An Overview of Prenatal Development <BR>& Genetic Errors <BR>& Teratogens: Diseases and Drugs <BR>& Other Influences on Prenatal Development <BR>& An Overview of Risks and Long-Term Consequences of Prenatal Problems <BR>& Sex Differences in Prenatal Development <BR>& Social Class Differences </li><li>Birth and the Newborn Child<BR>& The Stages of Labor <BR>& Adapting to the Newborn <BR>& The Newborn: What Can He Do? <BR>& The Daily Life of Infants <BR>& Individual Differences Among Babies </li><li>Physical Development<BR>& Four Reasons for Studying Physical Development <BR>& Basic Sequences and Common Patterns <BR>& Development of Sexual Maturity <BR>& Using the Body: Motor Development <BR>& Variations in Rate of Development <BR>& Health Issues <BR>& Determinants of Growth: Explanations of Physical Development </li><li>Perceptual Development<BR>& Ways of Studying Early Perceptual Skills <BR>& Basic Sensory Skills <BR>& Complex Perceptual Skills: Preferences, Discrimination, and Patterns <BR>& Ignoring Perceptual Information: The Perceptual Constancies <BR>& The Object Concept <BR>& Perception of Social Signals <BR>& Individual Differences in Perception: Speed and Efficiency <BR>& Explanations of Perceptual Development <BR>& Perceptual Development: A Summing-Up </li><li>Cognitive Development I: Structure and Process<BR>& Three Views of Intelligence <BR>& Piaget's Perspective <BR>& Infancy <BR>& The Preschool Years <BR>& The School-Age Child <BR>& Cognitive Development in Adolescence <BR>& Preliminary Conclusions and Questions <BR>& Information Processing in Children </li><li>Cognitive Development II: Individual Difference in Cognitive Abilities<BR>& Measuring Intellectual Power: IQ Tests and Other Measures <BR>& Stability and Predictive Values of IQ Tests <BR>& An Alternative View: Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence <BR>& Explaining Differences in IQ Scores <BR>& Interaction Heredity and Environment <BR>& Group Differences in IQ Scores <BR>& The Measurement of Intelligence: A Last Look <BR>& Individual Differences in Information Processing <BR>& Cognitive Development: Putting the Three Approaches Together </li><li>The Development of Language<BR>& What is Language Anyway? <BR>& Before the First Words: The Prelinguistic Phase <BR>& The First Words <BR>& Speaking in Sentences: The Development of Grammar <BR>& the Development of Word Meaning <BR>& Using Language: Communication and Self-direction <BR>& Explaining Language development <BR>& Individual Differences in Language Development <BR>& An Application of the Basic Knowledge: Learning to Read </li><li>Personality Development: Alternative Views<BR>& Defining Personality in Adults <BR>& Defining Personality in Children <BR>& Genetic and Biological Explanations <BR>& Learning Explanations <BR>& Psychoanalytic Explanations <BR>& A Possible Synthesis </li><li>The Concept of Self in Children<BR>& The Development of the Concept of Self <BR>& Self-esteem <BR>& The Self-concept: A Summing-up <BR>& The Development of Gender and Sex-Role Concepts </li><li>The Development of Social Relationships<BR>& Attachment theory: Concepts and Terminology <BR>& The Parents' Bond to the Child <BR>& The Baby's Attachment to the Parent <BR>& Variations in the Quality of Infants' Attachments <BR>& Relationships with Peers: Playmates and Friends <BR>& Behavior with Peers: Prosocial Behavior and Aggression <BR>& Individual Differences in Peer Relationships </li><li>Thinking About Relationships: The Development of Social Cognition<BR>& Some General Principles and Issues <BR>& Reading Others' Feelings <BR>& Describing Other People <BR>& Describing Friendships <BR>& Making Moral Judgments <BR>& Social Cognition and Behavior <BR>& Social Cognition and General Cognitive Development </li><li>The Ecology of Development: The Child Within the Family System<BR>& Theoretical Approaches <BR>& Dimensions of Family Interaction <BR>& Patterns or Styles of Child Rearing <BR>& Other Aspects of Family Dynamics <BR>& Some Exosystem Effects: Parents' Work and Social Support </li><li>Beyond the Family: The Impact of the Broader Culture<BR>& Child Care <BR>& The Impact of Schools <BR>& Joining the Work World: The Impact of Jobs on Teenagers <BR>& The Impact of the Mass Media <BR>& Macrosystem Effects: The Impact of the Larger Culture </li><li>Atypical Development<BR>& Frequency of Problems <BR>& Developmental Psychopathology: A New Approach <BR>& The Psychopathologies of Childhood <BR>& Intellectually Atypical Development <BR>& Schooling for Atypical Children <BR>& Sex Differences in Atypical Development <BR>& A Final Point </li><li>Putting it All Together: The Developing Child<BR>& Transitions, Consolidations, and Systems <BR>& From Birth to 18 Months <BR>& The Preschool Years <BR>& The Elementary School Years <BR>& Adolescence <BR>& Returning to Some Basic Questions <BR>& Individual Difference <BR>& A Final Point: The Joy of Development& </li></ol></FONT><BR><HR><BR><U><B>In-Page Footnotes</U> (<a name="2"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_03/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_3182.htm">Bee (Helen) - The Developing Child</A>")</B><a name="On-Page_Link_B3182_1"></A><BR><BR><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Return_B3182_1"><B>Footnote 1</B></A></U>: This is the TOC of the 9th edition, but is broadly similar to that of the 5th editon.<BR><BR><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><HR><B>BOOK COMMENT: </B><BR><BR>Fifth edition, 1989. For the latest edition, see <a name="W1804W"></a><A HREF = "http://www.abacon.com/bee/" TARGET = "_top">Link</A> (Defunct).</P> <a name="ColourConventions"></a><hr><br><B><U>Text Colour Conventions</U> (see <A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1025.htm">disclaimer</a>)</B><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li><LI><FONT COLOR = "800080">Mauve</FONT>: Text by correspondent(s) or other author(s); &copy; the author(s)</li></OL> </center> <BR><HR><BR><center> <TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - August 2018.</TD> <TD WIDTH="40%">Please address any comments on this page to <A HREF="mailto:theo@theotodman.com">theo@theotodman.com</A>.</TD> <TD WIDTH="30%">File output: <time datetime="2018-08-02T03:45" pubdate>02/08/2018 03:45:42</time> <br><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1010.htm">Website Maintenance Dashboard</A> </TD></TR><TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="#Top">Return to Top of this Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="40%"><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1140.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Philosophy Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="../../../index.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Home Page</A></TD> </TR></TABLE></CENTER><HR> </BODY> </HTML>