105 Difficult Passages from the Works of J. S. Bach. For oboe
Bach (J.S.)
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  1. Apart from the concertante and chamber music parts for oboe in certain of the Brandenburg Concerti and Suites for Orchestra, a large proportion of the choral works of Bach contain important solo parts for oboe, oboe d'amore and cor anglais. Some of the Sinfonias to the Cantatas are for solo oboe with orchestral accompaniment, and in most of the arias the obbligato part is as important as the vocal line and the instrumentalist plays the opening statement of the theme, thus setting its tempo and mood. Such works are often physically and musically exacting and the student should study the parts carefully before a performance. These books should be useful for this purpose and the passages given are also valuable material for general practice. In a collection of this size it is impossible to include long excerpts from all the works: as a general rule I have quoted briefly from most of the important solo parts, and more fully from those which seem likely to be most frequently performed or which are particularly exacting for the player.
  2. In these books the parts for oboe d'amore and cor anglais have been written in the correct keys for these instruments; no transposition is necessary unless the parts are to be played on the oboe.
  3. The ornaments, phrasing and dynamics quoted are those given in the Bach Gesellschaft Edition.
  4. The playing of ornaments in Bach is a controversial subject on which experts frequently differ; the suggested interpretation of the ornaments given here are based on some widely accepted conventions, but students are warned that these may not be universally approved.
  5. Bach wrote very few tempo indications and those given in brackets are my suggestions for facilitating the student's practice.

"Bach (J.S.) - 105 Difficult Passages from the Works of J. S. Bach. For oboe"

Source: Bach (J.S.) - 105 Difficult Passages from the Works of J. S. Bach. For oboe, oboe d'amore and oboe da caccia (cor anglais)

  1. Cantata No. 1 (Wie schon leuchtet) Oboe da caccia
  2. Cantata No. 3 (Ach Gott) 2 Oboi d'amore
  3. Cantata No. 6 (Bleib'bei uns) Oboe da caccia
  4. Cantata No. 8 (Liebster Gott) Oboe d'amore
  5. Cantata No. 12 (Weinen, Klagen) Oboe
  6. Cantata No. 21 (Ich hatte viel Bekummernis) Oboe
  7. Cantata No. 22 (Jesus nahm zu sich) Oboe
  8. Cantata No. 23 (Du wahrer Gott) 2 Oboi
  9. Cantata No. 24 (Bin ungefahrt Gemuthe) 2 Oboi d'amore
  10. Cantata No. 31 (Der Himmel lacht) Oboe
  11. Cantata No. 32 (Liebster Jesu) Oboe
  12. Cantata No. 33 (Allein zu dir) 2 Oboi
  13. Cantata No. 36 (Schwingt freudig) Oboe d'amore
  14. Cantata No. 39 (Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot) Oboe
  15. Cantata No. 43 (Gott fahret auf) 2 Oboi
  16. Cantata No. 44 (Sie werden Euch in den Bann Tun) Oboe
  17. Cantata No. 47 (Wer sick selbst erhohet) Oboe
  18. Cantata No. 48 (Ich elender Mensch) Oboe
  19. Cantata No. 56 (Ich will den Kreuzstab) Oboe
  20. Cantata No. 63 (Christen, atzet diesen Tag) Oboe
  21. Cantata No. 64 (Sehet, welch' eine Liebe) Oboe d'amore
  22. Cantata No. 68 (Also hat Gott) Oboe
  23. Cantata No. 73 (Herr, wie du willst) Oboe
  24. Cantata No. 75 (Die Elenden sollen essen) Oboe d'amore
  25. Cantata No. 79 (Gott, der Herr, ist Sonn'und Schild) Oboe
  26. Cantata No. 82 (Ich habe genug) Oboe
  27. Cantata No. 89 (Was soll ich aus dir machen) Oboe
  28. Cantata No. 92 (Ich hab' in Gottes Herz) Oboe d'amore
  29. Cantata No. 93 (Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten) Oboe
  30. Cantata No. 94 (Was frag' ich) Oboe d'amore
  31. Cantata No. 97 (In allen meinen Thaten) 2 Oboi
  32. Cantata No. 98 (Was Gott tut) Oboe
  33. Cantata No. 100 (Was Gott tut) Oboe d'amore
  34. Cantata No. 102 (Herr, deine Augen) Oboe
  35. Cantata No. 105 (Herr, gene nicht ins Gericht) Oboe
  36. Cantata No. 108 (Es ist euch gut) Oboe d'amore
  37. Cantata No. 110 (Unser Mund sei voll Lachens) Oboe d'amore
  38. Cantata No. 112 (Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt) Oboe d'amore
  39. Cantata No. 116 (Du Friedefurst) Oboe d'amore
  40. Cantata No. 121 (Christum wir sollen loben) Oboe d'amore
  41. Cantata No. 126 (Erhalt' uns, Herr) 2 Oboi
  42. Cantata No. 127 (Herr Jesu Christ) Oboe
  43. Cantata No. 128 (Auf Christi Himmelfahrt) Oboe d'amore
  44. Cantata No. 129 (Gelobet sei der Herr) Oboe d'amore
  45. Cantata No. 135 (Ach Herr, mich armen Sunder) 2 Oboi
  46. Cantata No. 136 (Erforsche mich, Gott) Oboe d'amore
  47. Cantata No. 140 (Wachet auf) Oboe
  48. Cantata No. 144 (Nimm, was dein ist) Oboe d'amore
  49. Cantata No. 147 (Herz and Mund) Oboe d'amore
  50. Cantata No. 152 (Tritt auf die Glaubensbahn) Oboe
  51. Cantata No. 156 (Ich steh' mit einem Fuss im Grabe) Oboe
  52. Cantata No. 157 (Ich lasse dich nicht) Oboe d'amore
  53. Cantata No. 159 (Sehet, wir geh'n hinauf) Oboe
  54. Cantata No. 166 (Wo gehest du bin?) Oboe
  55. Cantata No. 174 (Ich liebe den Hochsten) 2 Oboi
  56. Cantata No. 177 (Ich ruf' zu dir) Oboe da caccia
  57. Cantata No. 186 (Arg're dich, o Seele, nicht) Oboe da caccia
  58. Cantata No. 187 (Es wartet Alles auf dich) Oboe
  59. Weihnachts-Oratorium
  60. Oster-Oratorium
  61. Matthaus-Passion
  62. Johannes-Passion
  63. Mass in B minor
  64. Mass in F major
  65. Mass in G major
  66. Magnificat - Oboe d'amore
  67. Phoebus und Pan - Oboe d'amore
  68. Cantata "Weichet nur" - Oboe
  69. Der zufriedengestellte Aeolus - Oboe d'amore
  70. Schleicht, spielende Wellen - 2 Oboi d'amore
  71. Hochzeitskantate - Oboe d'amore
  72. Cantata "Schwingt freudig euch empor" - Oboe d'amore
  73. Die Wahl des Hercules
  74. Brandenburgisches Konzert No. 1
  75. Brandenburgisches Konzert No. 2
  76. Suite No. 1
  77. Suite No. 4

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