Festive Baroque - Oboe Solo
Van Beringen (Robert)
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  1. The music from the Baroque period (1600-1750) is characterized by movement, contrasts, expressivity, and grace. Polyphony, in which more than one melody is used simultaneously, was gradually replaced by homophony, in which one melody is accompanied by chords. The basso continuo was introduced: the accompaniment by the numbered bass on instruments like the organ, the harpsichord, the cello, or the double bass. The organ was an especially popular instrument.
  2. Well-known composers from the Baroque include Bach, Telemann, Handel, Rameau, and Lully. The original Baroque music is often hard to play, and of course there is no original repertoire for instruments that were developed later, such as the clarinet and the saxophone.
  3. For this publication, Robert van Beringen has selected twelve pieces from the Baroque period that have been arranged to fit your instrument. The pieces are played on the enclosed CD. Different instruments alternate with each other, so the articulation (playing manner) may deviate from the version printed in your book.
  4. The inserted organ accompaniment has been recorded for each piece, but it but it can also be played on the piano. This gives you many possibilities with performing the music at home or on stage.

  1. Die Wiirde (Majesty, La Majeste) - Georg Philipp Telemann
  2. Air - Henry Purcell
  3. Die Tapferkeit (Courage, La Vaillance) - Georg Philipp Telemann
  4. Air - Georg Friedrich Handel
  5. Die Ausgelassenheit (Exuberance, La Gaillardise) - Georg Philipp Telemann
  6. Menuett (Minuet, Menuet) - Johann Sebastian Bach
  7. Bourree - Johann Adolph Hasse
  8. Die Liebe (Love, L'Amour) - Georg Philipp Telemann
  9. La Villageoise (The Village Girl, Die Bauerin) - Jean-Philippe Rameau
  10. Die Anmut (Grace, La Grace) - Georg Philipp Telemann
  11. Sarabande - Giuseppe Tartini
  12. Gavotte - Jean-Baptiste Lully

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With Piano Accompaniment; and CD

"Van Beringen (Robert) - Festive Baroque - Oboe Solo"

Source: Van Beringen (Robert) - Festive Baroque - Oboe Solo (with Piano Accompaniment; and CD)

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