Learn New Testament Greek
Dobson (John H.)
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    This comprehensive introduction to New Testament Greek takes beginners from the first stage of learning to read Greek syllables and words to a stage where they can tackle reading and translating the Gospels and work at University level. It is suitable for self-study or as a teacher's resource. Anyone who has used the book to learn can use it to teach someone else - all that is necessary is included in the text. It is also suitable for teaching individual students, short intensive courses or large classes of students following a regular syllabus at college.
Amazon Customer Review
  1. Many books teaching Greek make you start by learning all about grammar and then giving lists of endings to memorise. I found this killed any enthusiasm I had for learning within about one chapter.
  2. In contrast, Dobson's book gets you reading Greek almost from the start, in an intuitive way. You learn by doing and translating. The information about what the grammar is called comes only later, when you already know and understand (and can use) it in practice.
  3. This means that you feel able to dive into the New Testament and have a go at reading it far earlier, which maintains enthusiasm.
  4. Any disadvantages? It is not for everyone. Some people prefer having everything set out in front of them (all the tables of endings and so on) right at the beginning, and may feel slightly lost at the much freer approach of this book.
  5. Also, because the emphasis is on reading Greek rather than knowing the technical terms for the grammar, you are more likely to be puzzled by a commentary referring to a genitive absolute (though you would be able to translate one - you just may not know what it was formally called).
  6. But overall, if you want to read the New Testament in the Greek rather than just understand commentaries better, then I think this is an excellent book.

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