Slam Bidding
Kelsey (Hugh)
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Cover Blurb

  1. Bidding and making a slam can be great fun, but the slam zone is treacherous ground for the average player. All too often good slams are missed and bad slams reached because of imprecise bidding methods. The plain truth is that most players would be better off if they attempted no slams at all.
  2. Yet the basic principles are not hard to learn, as grand master Hugh Kelsey demonstrates in this new and revised edition of his classic study. The ingredients that go to the making of a successful slam include power, distribution, trump solidity and controls, and there are many scientific ways of discovering the presence or absence of these features. Casting a wide net, Kelsey lays bare the slam-bidding secrets of the world's top players, showing how each device works and inviting the reader to choose the conventions that suit him best.
  3. For those who find slam bidding a hit or miss affair, a little time spent on this book is sure to result in more hits and fewer misses.

    Preface to Revised Edition – 9
    Introduction – 10
  1. General Principles – 13
  2. Controls by Numbers – 29
  3. Cue Bidding – 46
  4. No Trump Sequences – 63
  5. Choosing a Trump Suit – 81
  6. Jumping for Joy – 89
  7. Byzantine Four No Trumps – 106
  8. Asking the Way – 124
  9. Asking Around the World – 144
  10. When Clubs are Blue – 156
  11. Two Clubs Modernised – 174
    Index – 191



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