Embryos and Ethics: The Warnock Report in Debate
Cameron (Nigel M. de S.)
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Editor’s Preface

  1. There can be no doubt that the cluster of questions associated with in vitro fertilisation and the treatment of the human embryo are among the gravest which will be faced by this generation. The revolution in reproductive technology has provided the human race with an unparalleled opportunity to manipulate our own kind, by intervention in the process of generation itself, and by the use of the early human subject for purposes of experiment. Since Britain has played a leading role in the development of IVF, the outcome of our ethical and legal discussions is awaited with particular interest in other countries where these matters are under review.
  2. This volume brings together essays in philosophy and theology with contributions from distinguished clinicians. Their writers share a common concern for the human values of the Judaeo-Christian tradition which have been so influential in shaping the pattern of western medical practice. They believe that these values are threatened at a fundamental level by this technology and the use to which it is being put. Their response to the Warnock Report and the settlement which it advocates is one of sadness at Warnock's failure to grapple with the profoundly important ethical issues at stake, allied with deep anxiety as to what the future may hold.

    Foreword: Sir John Peel, KCVO
  1. The Christian Stake in the Warnock Debate: Nigel M. de S. Cameron
  2. In Vitro Fertilisation: the Major Issues: Teresa Iglesias
  3. The Ethics of Experimentation: Richard Higginson
  4. Some Theological Perspectives on the Human Embryo: David Atkinson
  5. What Kind of Being is the Human Embryo? Teresa Iglesias
  6. Problems Raised by Artificial Human Reproduction: Ian Donald
  7. Responses to Warnock: a Review: Isobel K. Grigor
  8. After the Embryo the Fetus? Sir John Peel
  9. Childless Couples and Rootless Children: Richard Higginson
  10. A View from the Other End: George L. Chalmers

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