Modern Greek: Grammar and Self-Educator
Kykkotis (I.)
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  1. This is the third, revised edition of the Modern Greek Grammar And Self-Educator. It is, I believe, in its new enlarged form a more complete and comprehensive guide for the proper study of the Modern Greek Language. The addition of the pronunciation of Greek words, the many useful phrases incorporated in the lessons and the appended, extensive glossary, aim to assist the reader who comes to Greek for the first time not only to get over the initial difficulties but also to acquire, if necessary, an utilitarian knowledge of the language. But the fundamental purpose of the book is, of course, to enable the English Speaking student to master Modern Greek.
  2. Modern Greek can now be considered a standardized language. The Demotic form has actually prevailed, especially in literature, and has extended also to historical and scientific writing, but the Katharevousa — i.e. the pure, similar to the classical — is still widely in use, mostly in politics, law, religion and administration. The student of Modern Greek will have to learn the “Katharevousa” form which will help him or her, to understand better both the grammar and construction of the language as a whole and thus master more easily the Demotic Greek.
  3. For the classical scholars there exists the difficulty of the Erasmian pronunciation. Were the teachers and professors in Great Britain to be persuaded to use in teaching Classical Greek the pronunciation now used in Greek High Schools and Universities, the classical student would be two-thirds of the way towards knowing Modem Greek and what is equally important, towards understanding the spoken Greek word of today.
  4. The Modern Greek language is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and the translations of the few Greek authors which have appeared have had a very good reception. The more the works of Greek authors become known in this country the easier will become for the student the mastery of Modern Greek.
  5. I want to express my thanks to Mrs. P. Constantinou for the care she has taken to prepare this volume and to the many friends who have made constructive suggestions.


Zeno, London. ND (1946?).

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