The Life Process
Butler (J.A.V.)
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  1. The book gives in concise and readable form a picture of the life process which has emerged from the great discoveries of recent years, particularly in the fields of microbiology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Now for the first time the life process can be discussed in a unified manner, covering all forms of life from viruses to man. This is basic information for all students of life sciences.
  2. The early part of the book is mainly concerned with the nature and functions of DNA and other nucleic acids and their involvement in protein synthesis. This, the departure point and centre of modern biology, has given an entirely new insight into such fundamental problems as the chemical nature of the gene and how it functions, the nature of enzymes and how they are controlled, the mode of replication1 of viruses; and there is much new information on, for example, the mechanism of muscular action and of nerves, regulatory mechanisms in bacteria and complex organisms, and on the processes which give rise to immunity in the higher animals.
  3. These and other active fields of research are discussed in the light of the most recent developments, without going very deeply into purely technical details. Bibliographies are included in each chapter so that the student may enlarge his studies and find the significant recent literature.
  4. The level of discussion is suitable for undergraduate students; and for postgraduates it will provide an up-to-date guide to developments over a wide front.


George Allen and Unwin, London, 1970

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