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  1. Qualified Russian teachers are still scarce in England. Consequently not many evening school classes in Russian are held for adults. Moreover, there are many who cannot attend what classes there are, and would be glad to put in an hour or two studying Russian when they have any spare time. For such beginners this book is intended.
  2. Many, though they can speak and write their own language correctly, have never bothered to study grammar: the grammatical notes given in this book will make some of the rough places plain for them. Students who know the grammar of their own or any other language will be able to skip such notes.
  3. Each lesson consists of the bare elements of Russian grammar, of a selection of words in everyday use, and of ample exercises made up of colloquial sentences, and finally of short reading extracts in prose and verse. Such material would, in our opinion, be sufficient for a student to prepare himself for a more thorough study of the Russian language.
  4. The exercises have been made long for the express purpose of enabling the student to repeat the same words and learn the use of grammatical rules until he has acquired the habit of saying what he knows fluently and correctly.
  5. At the end of the book is a complete key giving translations of all the exercises. The student is advised to prepare the exercises, first using the key freely, so as to arrive at the meaning of the words and the grammatical notes, not by rote, but by comparing every peculiarity of the Russian with his mother tongue. When an exercise has been fully assimilated with the help of the key, it can be done again independently of the key, to make sure that all the words have been learnt, together with their grammatical relation in the sentences.
  6. The material in the Key can, of course, be used as additional exercises and worked so that the main part of the book is turned into a Key.
  7. The advantage of this book when used in evening classes is that students missing lessons can easily catch up by preparing the exercises and using the Key, and this will prevent them from dropping out of their class.

  • Teach Yourself Books, London, 1943; 1972 Impression. Hardback
  • For a more contemporary version, see "West (Daphne) - Russian".

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