Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences: Seventh Annual Volume
McCormmach (Russell), Ed.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.



    Editor's Foreword – xi
  1. The Ether Problem, the Mechanistic Worldview, and the Origins of the Theory of Relativity – 3
    Tetu Hirosige
  2. Einstein's Early Scientific Collaboration – 83
    Lewis Pyenson
  3. Max Planck's Philosophy of Nature and His Elaboration of the Special Theory of Relativity – 125
    Stanley Goldberg
  4. The Concept of Particle Creation before and after Quantum Mechanics1 – 161
    Joan Bromberg
  5. Chemistry as a Branch of Physics: Laplace's Collaboration with Lavoisier – 183
    Henry Guerlac
  6. Mayer's Concept of "Force": The "Axis" of a New Science of Physics – 277
    P. M. Heimann
  7. Debates over the Theory of Solution: A Study of Dissent in Physical Chemistry in the English-Speaking World In The Late Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Centuries – 297
    R. G. A. Dolby
  8. The Rise of Physics Laboratories in Britain – 405
    Romualdas Sviedrys
  9. The Establishment of the Royal College of Chemistry: An Investigation of the Social Context of Early-Victorian Chemistry – 437
    Gerrylynn K. Roberts
    Note on Contributors – 487


Princeton University Press, 1976

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