Tractatus Christianus
Todman (Theo)
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.


  1. This was never published. It hails from 1991, which is a long time before I received any formal philosophical training, so I expect I’d cringe at a lot of it now.
  2. Here's the link to the original versionNote1.
  3. The filed hard copies are of the original version (in ring-binders) – a working copy and a neat one filed in plastic pockets.
  4. I have the intention of updating it to reflect my current views. The document is rather pompously entitled Tractatus Christianus as its format is modelled on a well-known (and, of course, infinitely superior) work by Ludwig Wittgenstein.
  5. So as not to deceive the unwary, this evaluation is reluctantly negative. I am not a scoffer, so the evaluation is a serious one. However, I cannot see how Christianity or any other religious system can be made to work without either intellectual compromise or denuding the religious system of content.
  6. I would value the thoughts of anyone with anything significant to say on the subject of the truth or falsity of religious systems, but I’d appreciate it if such persons at least browsed through my Tractatus first to save time in unnecessary preliminary skirmishes and so we can get quickly to the nub of the matter.

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