I Know You're Going to be Happy: A Story of Love and Betrayal
Christiansen (Rupert)
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  1. A young man who was pushed forward by family expectation, a young woman pulled back...
  2. A wedding at a fashionable London church in 1948 between two brilliant journalists, deeply in love - the ambitious and sophisticated son of a famous Fleet Street editor, and a beautiful twenty-one-year-old girl from a different social class who was boldly breaking the barriers on women working in newspapers.
  3. Through this poignant and perceptive portrait of his parents' impassioned marriage and acrimonious divorce, Rupert Christiansen chronicles with novelistic power a generation for whom the experience of the sixties brought emotional chaos as well as liberation.
  4. Author: Rupert Christiansen was born in London and educated at King's1 College, Cambridge. He has written several books, including Prima Donna, Romantic Affinities, Paris Babylon, The Visitors, Arthur Hugh Clough, Pocket Guide to Opera and The Complete Book of Aunts. He is currently opera critic and arts columnist for the Daily Telegraph and dance critic for The Mail on Sunday. He has contributed to many newspapers and magazines. In 1997, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

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Footnote 1: Rupert Christiansen was in my year at King's.


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