Locke on Essence and Identity
Conn (Christopher Hughes)
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Author’s Introduction to Chapter 1
  • This is a book on Locke' s metaphysics. In particular, this book is concerned with the relationship between Locke's rejection of essentialism – the thesis that some objects have essential properties independently of how they are characterized – and his theory of identity and persistence, especially as it relates to organisms and persons.
  • While I will develop Locke's positions on these topics in detail in the ensuing chapters, my goal in the present chapter is to explain, in general terms, why these issues are worth thinking about, how we should begin, and where his views fall within the range of theoretical alternatives.
  • I will subsequently be in a position to develop what I take to be the central problem of the book, namely, that of determining whether Locke's rejection of essentialism is consistent with his treatment of identity and persistence.

  • Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003
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"Kaufman (Dan) - Review of Christopher Hughes Conn: Locke on Essence and Identity"

Source: British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Volume 13, Number 2, May 2005, pp. 397-402(6)
COMMENT: Review of "Conn (Christopher Hughes) - Locke on Essence and Identity".

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