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Ayer (A.J.)
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  1. Sir Alfred Aver, better known as Professor A. J. Aver to students of philosophy and as Freddie to his wide circle of friends, has written a delightful, witty and candid autobiography in which he revives his memories of his family background, his experiences as a Colleger at Eton in the nineteen-twenties, as an undergraduate at Christ Church, Oxford, a student in Vienna and a young don at Christ Church in the nineteen-thirties. He traces the growth of his interest in philosophy and his development into a professional philosopher under the influence of Gilbert Ryle, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the members of the Vienna Circle. He relates how he came to write "Ayer (A.J.) - Language, Truth and Logic" and describes the change in the philosophical climate which this work helped to bring about.
  2. The book tells the story of the author's first love and marriage, and contains portraits of many of his friends, including Bertrand Russell, e. e. cummings, George Orwell, Goronwy Rees and Isaiah Berlin. It displays the development of his taste in literature, his interest in the cinema, his enthusiasm for Association Football and other forms of sport, and his brief involvement in left-wing politics. It portrays him in the war as a Guardsman recruit, a Sandhurst cadet, an officer in the Welsh Guards and a relatively unadventurous intelligence agent. The book continues with the author's return to Oxford as a Fellow of Wadham and his appointment in 1946 as a Professor at London University, and ends with his own assessment of his philosophical career.


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