More of My Life
Ayer (A.J.)
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  1. More of My Life, the sequel to "Ayer (A.J.) - Part of My Life", published in 1977, covers the period which may be regarded as the most important part of A. J. Ayer's working life, from 1946 when, at the age of thirty-five, he became Grote Professor of Philosophy at University College, London to the birth of his second son, Nicholas, in April 1963.
  2. The book deals extensively with the author's own philosophical development and his relations with other philosophers at home and abroad. As such it is a record of prime importance by perhaps the best known of contemporary British philosophers and certainly one of the most significant and influential. In addition it describes his active social life, his love affairs, his marriage to Dee Wells in 1960, his role as a broadcaster, not least as a regular member of the Brains Trust team, his involvement with politics and politicians, his activities as a lecturer which extended from China to Peru, his return to Oxford in 1959 as Wykeham Professor of Logic and the numerous works he wrote and edited.
  3. Ayer's autobiography is a remarkable demonstration of his energy. Although the central theme has been his philosophical work as an original thinker, as a teacher and lecturer, he is no solitary cut off from the world and its pleasures. The wide circle of his friends is not confined to his philosophical colleagues - of whom he was most indebted to Russell and Ryle. There is a brilliant account of his relations with J.B.S. Haldane. Politicians like Gaitskell, Crosland and Jenkins, writers like Henry Green, Graham Greene, Goronwy Rees and Rex Warner all played a part in his life. He maintains his interest in professional football and his support for Tottenham Hotspur.
  4. This book is not only an important contribution to the history of philosophy since the war; it is also the biography of a remarkable human being.


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