Nihilism and the Meaning of Life - A Philosophical Dialogue with James Tartaglia
Morioka (Masahiro), Ed
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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Editor’s Preface

  1. This book is a collection of all the papers and essays published in the Special Issue “Nihilism and the Meaning of Life: A Philosophical Dialogue with James Tartaglia,” Journal of Philosophy of Life, Vol.7, No.1, 2017, pp.1-315. Two years ago, in 2015, we published the book Reconsidering Meaning in Life: A Philosophical Dialogue with Thaddeus Metz, and after the publication, one of the contributors to the above book, James Tartaglia, published his own intriguing philosophical book on the meaning of life and its connection with nihilism, entitled Philosophy in a Meaningless Life: A System of Nihilism, Consciousness and Reality (Bloomsbury 2016). I thought it would be a good idea to have a symposium on his book in the Journal of Philosophy of Life.
  2. I invited ten philosophers who have a strong interest in this topic, and edited a special volume dedicated to Tartaglia’s book. After receiving their papers, I asked James to write a reply to each of them, and in July this year we published a special issue in the Journal. You can read all of them, along with the replies by Tartaglia, in this single book.
  3. Nihilism is an important topic in the field of philosophy of life. Currently, anti-natalism is hotly debated in the context of the meaning of/in life in analytic philosophy. The idea of anti-natalism goes back to ancient Greek literature and philosophy in Europe, and ancient Indian philosophy and religions in Asia. I believe that tackling the theme of nihilism will contribute a lot to contemporary philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and death in the contemporary world.

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