The Greek New Testament According to Family 35
Pickering (Wilbur), Bible
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Author’s Introduction

  1. |.|[…] I had to reconsider the evidence1 for the whole New Testament, and that exercise led me to the conclusion that the most important segment of the relevant evidence had been overlooked (more precisely, it had been despised, and therefore ignored).
  2. Herewith a new Greek Text, and critical apparatus, for the entire New Testament, based on that important segment. I call that segment Family 35, because cursive 35 is the complete New Testament, faithful to the family archetype, with the smallest number. (Cursive 18, also a complete NT, defects from the family in Revelation.) For a thorough explanation of why I prefer Family 35, please see "Pickering (Wilbur) - The Identity of the New Testament Text". I there argue that God has preserved the precise original wording of the NT, and that we can, and do, know what it is, based on an empirical procedure. I claim to have demonstrated the superiority of Family 35 based on
    • size,
    • independence,
    • age,
    • distribution,
    • profile and
    • care.
    I challenge any and all to do the same for any other line of transmission.
  3. In the statements of evidence I have included the percentage of manuscript attestation for each variant within either ( ) or [ ]. I have used ( ) for the evidence taken from TuT2, which I take to be reasonably precise. For the variant sets that are not covered there I used a variety of sources, which vary from book to book (please see the final footnote for each book for that information) — the percentages offered, I have used [ ] for these, are extrapolations based on a comparison of those sources. I have determined the reading of f35 on the basis of at least twenty minuscule manuscripts (usually over thirty, or even forty) for each book, all of which I collated myself. Since the MSS come from all over the Mediterranean world (including most monasteries on the Mt. Athos peninsula), the chances that they do not represent the main line of transmission are, quite frankly, nil. So here you have the archetypal Text of f35, beyond reasonable question.
  4. I have included six published editions in the apparatus —
    • RP = Robinson-Pierpont (2005),
    • HF = Hodges-Farstad,
    • OC = the text of the Orthodox Churches,
    • TR = Textus Receptus,
    • CP = Complutensian Polyglot,
    • NU = N-A26/UBS3 So how do I justify this new text and apparatus? Well, just the critical apparatus justifies the edition, being by far the most informative with reference to the large Byzantine majority and to f 35 , which is both ancient and independent of the rest of the tradition. Also, my Text is sufficiently distinct from the rest to justify its existence (over a thousand differences from either HF or RP). For those who believe in an inerrant Text, as I do, each word is important (and even the spelling may prove to be significant).
    • […]

In-Page Footnotes ("Pickering (Wilbur), Bible - The Greek New Testament According to Family 35")

Footnote 1: For the text of the Majority (Byzantine) Text.

Footnote 2: |.|Text und Textwert der Griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments (Ed. Kurt Aland, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter). The series contains over a dozen volumes, covering the entire New Testament except for Revelation and the second half of John. |.|Sub-title: "The only significant line of transmission, both ancient and independent, that has a demonstrable archetypal form in all 27 books; plus a totally new critical apparatus that gives a percentage of manuscript attestation to the variant readings, and that includes six competing published editions." |.| Second Edition. |.|Downloaded from: Link |..|

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