<!DOCTYPE html><HTML lang="en"> <head><meta charset="utf-8"> <title>On What Matters: Volume Three (Parfit (Derek)) - Theo Todman's Book Collection (Book-Paper Abstracts)</title> <link href="../../../TheosStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="../../../TT_ICO.png" /> </head> <a name="Top"></a> <BODY> <div id="header"> <HR><H1>Theo Todman's Book Collection (Book-Paper Abstracts)</H1></div> <hr><CENTER><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><tr><td colspan =3><A HREF = "../BookSummary_6550.htm">On What Matters: Volume Three</A></td></tr><tr><td colspan =3><A HREF = "../../../Authors/P/Author_Parfit (Derek).htm">Parfit (Derek)</a></td></tr><tr><td colspan =3>This Page provides (where held) the <b>Abstract</b> of the above <b>Book</b> and those of all the <b>Papers</b> contained in it.</td></tr><tr><td><A HREF="#ColourConventions">Text Colour-Conventions</a></td><td><A HREF = "../BookCitings_6550.htm">Books / Papers Citing this Book</A></td><td><A HREF = "../BooksToNotes_6550.htm">Notes Citing this Book</A></td></tr></tr></TABLE></CENTER><hr> <P ALIGN = "Justify"><FONT Size = 2 FACE="Arial"><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><B>BOOK ABSTRACT: </B><BR><BR><U>Amazon Book Description</U><FONT COLOR = "800080"><ol type="1"><li>Derek Parfit presents the third volume of <em>On <a name="1"></a><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_1/Notes_108.htm">What Matters</A><SUP>1</SUP></em>, his landmark work of moral philosophy. Parfit develops further his influential treatment of reasons, normativity, the meaning of moral discourse, and the status of morality. He engages with his critics, and shows the way to resolution of their differences. </li><li>This volume is partly about what it is for things to matter, in the sense that we all have reasons to care about these things. Much of the book discusses three of the main kinds of meta-ethical theory: Normative Naturalism, Quasi-Realist Expressivism, and Non-Metaphysical Non-Naturalism, which Derek Parfit now calls Non-Realist Cognitivism. This third theory claims that, if we use the word 'reality' in an ontologically weighty sense, irreducibly normative truths have no mysterious or incredible ontological implications. If instead we use 'reality' in a wide sense, according to which all truths are truths about reality, this theory claims that some non-empirically discoverable truths  such as logical, mathematical, <a name="2"></a><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_1/Notes_121.htm">modal</A><SUP>2</SUP>, and some normative truths  raise no difficult ontological questions. </li><li>Parfit discusses these theories partly by commenting on the views of some of the contributors to Peter Singer's collection <a name="6"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6551.htm">Singer (Peter), Ed. - Does Anything Really Matter? Essays on Parfit on Objectivity</A>". <ul type="disc"><li>Though <a name="4"></a><A HREF = "../../../Authors/R/Author_Railton (Peter).htm">Peter Railton</A> is a Naturalist, he has widened his view by accepting some further claims, and he has suggested that this wider version of Naturalism could be combined with Non-Realist Cognitivism. Parfit argues that Railton is right, since these theories no longer deeply disagree. </li><li>Though <a name="5"></a><A HREF = "../../../Authors/G/Author_Gibbard (Allan).htm">Allan Gibbard</A> is a Quasi-Realist Expressivist, he has suggested that the best version of his view could be combined with Non-Realist Cognitivism. Parfit argues that Gibbard is right, since Gibbard and he now accept the other's main meta-ethical claim. </li></ul>It is rare for three such different philosophical theories to be able to be widened in ways that resolve their deepest disagreements. This happy convergence supports the view that these meta-ethical theories are true. Parfit also discusses the views of several other philosophers, and some other meta-ethical and normative questions. </li></ol></FONT><BR><u>Notes</u><ul type="disc"><li>See:- <BR>&rarr; <a name="7"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6355.htm">Parfit (Derek) - On What Matters: Volume One</A>" for Volume 1, <BR>&rarr; <a name="8"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6356.htm">Parfit (Derek) - On What Matters: Volume Two</A>" for Volume 2, <BR>&rarr; <a name="9"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6551.htm">Singer (Peter), Ed. - Does Anything Really Matter? Essays on Parfit on Objectivity</A>" for a collection of essays engaging with the first two volumes, and</li><li>See <a name="3"></a>"<A HREF = "../../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20118.htm">Blackburn (Simon) - Review of Derek Parfit's 'On What Matters'</A>" for two versions of a rather dismissive review. </li></ul><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><HR><B>BOOK COMMENT: </B><ul type="disc"><li>OUP Oxford (19 Jan. 2017), hardback</li><li>Present from Nat </li></ul></P> <a name="ColourConventions"></a><hr><br><B><U>Text Colour Conventions</U> (see <A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1025.htm">disclaimer</a>)</B><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li><LI><FONT COLOR = "800080">Mauve</FONT>: Text by correspondent(s) or other author(s); &copy; the author(s)</li></OL> </center> <BR><HR><BR><center> <TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - August 2018.</TD> <TD WIDTH="40%">Please address any comments on this page to <A HREF="mailto:theo@theotodman.com">theo@theotodman.com</A>.</TD> <TD WIDTH="30%">File output: <time datetime="2018-08-02T23:50" pubdate>02/08/2018 23:50:31</time> <br><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1010.htm">Website Maintenance Dashboard</A> </TD></TR><TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="#Top">Return to Top of this Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="40%"><A HREF="../../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1140.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Philosophy Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="../../../index.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Home Page</A></TD> </TR></TABLE></CENTER><HR> </BODY> </HTML>