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Books –Thesis
  1. Fred C. Boogerd & Frank J. Bruggeman - Systems Biology - Philosophical Foundations
  2. Jean Bricmont, Etc. Eds: Chance in Physics
  3. Mark J. Cherry: Persons and Their Bodies - Rights, Responsibilities, Relationships
  4. Margaret Gibson & Clarissa Carden: Living and Dying in a Virtual World - Digital Kinships, Nostalgia, and Mourning in Second Life
  5. John Heil: Philosophy of Mind - A Guide and Anthology
  6. Christina Hendricks, Etc: Introduction to Philosophy - Philosophy of Mind
  7. Heikki Ikaheimo, Etc: Personhood - Workshop Papers Of The Conference ‘Dimensions Of Personhood’
  8. Helga Kuhse & Peter Singer: A Companion to Bioethics
  9. JeeLoo Liu: Consciousness and the Self
  10. Thomas Metzinger & Jennifer M. Windt: Open Mind
  11. Sofia Miguens & Gerhard Preyer: Consciousness and Subjectivity
  12. R. Keith Sawyer: Social Emergence - Societies as Complex Systems
  13. Maurice Schouten & Huib Looren de Jong: The Matter of the Mind - Philosophical Essays on Psychology, Neuroscience, and Reduction
  14. David Woodruff Smith & Amie L. Thomasson: Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

Papers – Thesis
  1. Unknown:
    → An “I” For An “I” - Interpreting Kant’s Account Of Identity
    → Establishing a Framework for Approaching Human Personhood
    → Experiencing Organisms - From Mineness to Subject of experience
    → Identity
    → Non-Reductive and Non-Eliminative Physicalism
    → On the Texture and Substance of the Human Soul
    → Our Freedom Reconciled with Determinism
    → Physicalistic Functionalism and the First-Person Indexical
    → Technological Fictions and Personal Identity - On Ricoeur, Schechtman and analytic thought-experiments
    → The individual sense of self
    → The Subscript View - A Distinct View of Distinct Selves
    → What is it Like to be a Human - Instead of a Bat?

Papers –Thesis: Low Priority
  1. A. Pedro Barrajón: The Soul in Theology - Critical Reflections on Non-Reductive Physicalism
  2. Ross P. Cameron: Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology
  3. Harold D. Delaney & Timothy E. Goldsmith: Scientific Psychology and Christian Theism
  4. William A. Dembski: Note1
    → Are We Spiritual Machines
    → Conflating Matter and Mind
    → Converting Matter into Mind
    → The Last Magic - Book Review of The Applicability of Mathematics as a Philosophical Problem
    → The Primacy of the First Person - Reply to Ray Kurzweil
  5. Ilham Dilman: Psychology and Human Behaviour: Is there a limit to psychological explanation?
  6. John Earman:-
    → Aspects of Determinism in Modern Physics
    → Determinism - What We Have Learned and What We Still Don't Know
    → Pruning Some Branches from Branching Spacetimes
  7. John Earman & John D. Norton: Infinite Pains - The Trouble with Supertasks
  8. Georg Gasser Personal Identity - Complex or Simple - References
  9. Dianne Gifford-Gonzalez: You Can Hide, But You Can't Run - Representation Of Women's Work In Illustrations Of Palaeolithic Life
  10. Bruce L. Gordon: Why Quantum Theory Does Not Support Materialism
  11. David H. Gordon: Evolution, Naturalism, And Theism An Inconsistent Triad
  12. Erlendur Haraldsson:-
    Haraldsson - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: I. The Case of Purnima Ekanayake
    Haraldsson - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: II. The Case of Chatura Karunaratne
    Haraldsson - Children who speak of a past life experience
    Haraldsson - West- and East-Europeans and their belief in reincarnation
    Haraldsson - Three randomly selected Lebanese cases of children who claim memories of a past life
    Haraldsson - Psychological characteristics of children who speak of a previous life: A further field study in Sri Lanka
    Haraldsson - Children who speak of a previous life as a Buddhist monk
  13. William Hasker: Emergent Dualism. Note2
  14. John Hawthorne & Maria Lasonen-Aarnio: Not so Phenomenal
  15. Bert H. Hodges: Remapping Psychology - A New Look at Values in Scientific Ontology
  16. Russell W. Howell: Does Mathematical Beauty Pose Problems for Naturalism?
  17. Konstantinos Kotis: Artificial General Intelligence and Creative Economy
  18. Thomas Land: Conceptualism and the Objection from Animals. Note3.
  19. Greger Larson, Etc. Etc: Rethinking dog domestication by integrating genetics, archaeology, and biogeography
  20. Robin LePoidevin: Special Issue of Philosophy on Being: Developments in Contemporary Metaphysics – Introduction. Note4
  21. Paweł Łupkowski & Patrycja Jurowska: The Minimum Intelligent Signal Test (MIST) As An Alternative To The Turing Test
  22. James G. Matlock: Matlock - Bibliography of Reincarnation Resources Online Reincarnation5.
  23. Frank T. McAndrew: Evolutionary psychology explains why haunted houses creep us out
  24. Michael McKenna:
    → Compatibilism
    → Compatibilism - The State of the Art
  25. Angus J. L. Menuge: Dennett Denied - A Critique of Dennett’s Evolutionary Account of Intentionality
  26. Metaphysica6: 16 issues - (0.1 – 6.2: 1999 – 2006); + Special Issue 3 (2005)
  27. Todd C. Moody: Consciousness and Complexity
  28. J.P. Moreland:
    → The Impact of Modern Science on Philosophy of Mind
    → Why Kim’s Version of Physicalism Isn’t Close Enough
  29. Dermot Moran: Intentionality - Some Lessons from the History of the Problem from Brentano to the Present
  30. Timothy O'Connor:
    → Dualist And Agent-Causal Theories
    → Groundwork for an Emergentist Account of the Mental
  31. Terence Parsons: Afterthoughts on Mass Terms
  32. Peter E. Payne: The Enigma of Consciousness
  33. Paolo Pecere: Naturalizing Intentionality - between Philosophy and Brain Science
  34. Pablo Polischuk: Perspectives on the Self - Substantial and Dialogical Aspects
  35. M.D. Robertson: Dualism vs Materialism - A Response to Paul Churchland
  36. James F. Ross: Immaterial Aspects of Thought
  37. Thomas Sattig: Proper Name Change
  38. Elizabeth Schier & John Sutton: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science since 1980
  39. Arnold E. Sikkema: A Physicist’s Reformed Critique of Nonreductive Physicalism and Emergence
  40. James Daniel Sinclair: The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics
  41. Hava B. Villaverde: Racism in the Insanity Defense
  42. Dallas Willard: Intentionality and the Substance of the Self
  43. Keith A. Wilson: Time-Consciousness and the Present
  44. J. Raymond Zimmer: Evolutionary Psychology Challenges the Current Social Sciences
  45. Unknown:
    → Interview with Science and Religion News on Mind-body Dualism
    → The Cogito and the Metaphysics of Mind

Books – Non-Thesis
  1. John Broome: The Microeconomics of Capitalism
  2. Nicholas Griffin: The Cambridge Companion To Bertrand Russell
  3. Wolfgang Kunne: Conceptions of Truth
  4. William F. Lawhead: The Philosophical Journey
  5. Andrew Moore & Michael Scott: Realism and Religion - Philosophical and Theological Perspectives
  6. Alexander Naraniecki: Returning to Karl Popper - A reassessment of his politics and philosophy
  7. Sahotra Sarkar & Jessica Pfeifer: The Philosophy of Science - an Encyclopedia

Papers – Non-Thesis
  1. G.E.M. Anscombe: Review – Kripke - Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language x 2
  2. Sam Baron, Tom Dougherty & Kristie Miller: Why Is There Female Under-Representation among Philosophy Majors
  3. David Braddon-Mitchell & Kristie Miller: On Metaphysical Analysis
  4. John Byl: Theism and Mathematical Realism
  5. Ben M. Carter: Mathematics and Metaphysics
  6. Mark Colyvan: The Miracle of Applied Mathematics
  7. Philip Davis: A Brief Look at Mathematics and Theology
  8. Gary De Young: Where Does Mathematics Fit
  9. Edward Fackerell: The Relationship Between Mathematics and the Christian Faith
  10. Miguel Farias, Etc: Supernatural Belief Is Not Modulated by Intuitive Thinking Style or Cognitive Inhibition
  11. William Ferraiolo: Review of "Lakoff (George) & Johnson (Mark) - Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and Its Challenge to Western Thought"
  12. Richard Feynman: Nobel Lecture - The Development of the Space-Time View of Quantum Electrodynamics
  13. Bob Hale: Real Necessity: A Reply to Barnes
  14. Peter Harrison: The Bible and the emergence of modern science
  15. Stanley L. Jaki: The Absolute Beneath the Relative
  16. William Kallfelz: Relativity, Quantum Theory and Theology
  17. Igor Kišš: Venn’s Diagram in Mathematics and Its Application to Theological Ethics
  18. Ladislav Kvasz: The Invisible Link Between Mathematics and Theology
  19. Andrew T. Little & Matthew Backus: I Don't Know
  20. Ned Markosian
    → On the Argument from Quantum Cosmology against Theism
    → The Paradox of the Question
  21. John Nash:
    → Non-Cooperative Games
    → Non-Cooperative Games - Reprint
    → The Bargaining Problem
    → Two-Person Cooperative Games
  22. Sylvia Nasar: The Essential John Nash: Introduction
  23. Josh Parsons:
    → The Eleatic Hangover Cure
    → Topological Drinking Problems
  24. Terence Parsons:
    → Assertion, Denial, and the Liar Paradox
    → True Contradictions
    → What is an Argument
  25. Alvin Plantinga: The Ontological Argument
  26. John Polkinghorne: The New Physics and Opportunities for Ontological Initiatives
  27. Francois Recanati: Direct Reference - Chapters 6, 7 &10
  28. Martin Rees: What are the limits of human understanding
  29. Victor Reppert: Miracles and the case for theism
  30. Martin Schoenhals: The coming shortage of work in the future, and the opportunity this provides for rethinking the nature of work
  31. Richard Swinburne: For the Possibility of Miracles
  32. Max Tegmark: The Mathematical Universe
  33. John J. Tilley: Cultural Relativism
  34. William R. Wharton: The Importance of Causality in Quantum Mechanics
  35. Eugene Wigner: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
  36. Unknown:
    → Cockshaw - Arguing for the Existence of God in the Age of Quantum Indeterminacy
    → Miracles and Historical Investigation

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