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This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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  1. Aysha Akhtar: The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation
  2. Melinda R. Allen: Mirror self-recognition in a gorilla
  3. G.E.M. Anscombe: Review – Kripke - Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language x 2
  4. Elizabeth Barnes: Indeterminacy, Identity and Counterparts: Evans Reconsidered
  5. Sebastian Bender: Is Leibniz’s Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles Necessary or Contingent?
  6. Jose Luis Bermudez: Mindreading in the animal kingdom
  7. Emiliano Boccardi - If It Ain’t Moving It Shall Not be Moved
  8. Ladislau Boloni: From the philosophy of personal identity to the laws of agent societies
  9. David Braddon-Mitchell & Kristie Miller: On Metaphysical Analysis
  10. Jean Bricmont, Etc. Eds: Chance in Physics
  11. Berit Brogaard - Tensed relations
  12. John Broome:
    → Is incommensurability vagueness?
    → The Microeconomics of Capitalism
  13. Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
  14. Ross P. Cameron: Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology
  15. Fabrice Correia & Sven Rosenkranz:
    → Temporal Existence and Temporal Location
    → As Time Goes By - Eternal Facts in an Ageing Universe
  16. Frans De Waal:
    → Fish, mirrors, and a gradualist perspective on self-awareness
    → The Thief in the Mirror
  17. David DeGrazia: Self-awareness in animals
  18. David DeGrazia & Tom Beauchamp: Reassessing Animal Research Ethics
  19. Natalja Deng: On Experiencing Time - a response to Simon Prosser
  20. Yuval Dolev: How to Square a Non-Local Present with Relativity Theory
  21. Mauro Dorato; On Becoming, Cosmic Time and Rotating Universes
  22. Michael Dummett:
    → How should we conceive of Time?
    → Is Time a Continuum of Instants
  23. John Earman:-
    → Aspects of Determinism in Modern Physics
    → Determinism - What We Have Learned and What We Still Don't Know
    → Pruning Some Branches from Branching Spacetimes
    → Recent work on time travel
  24. John Earman & John D. Norton: Infinite Pains - The Trouble with Supertasks
  25. Matti Eklund:-
    → Fiction, Indifference, and Ontology
    → Inconsistent Languages
    → On Some Recent Criticisms of the 'Linguistic' Approach to Ontology
    → Supervaluationism, Vagueifiers, and Semantic Overdetermination
    → What Vagueness Consists in
  26. Richard Feynman: Nobel Lecture - The Development of the Space-Time View of Quantum Electrodynamics
  27. Kit Fine: In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism
  28. Gordon G. Gallup: The Mirror Test
  29. Grant Gillett: You Always Were a Bastard
  30. Ian Hacking: Making Up People
  31. Erlendur Haraldsson:-
    Erlendur - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: I. The Case of Purnima Ekanayake
    Erlendur - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: II. The Case of Chatura Karunaratne
    Erlendur - Children who speak of a past life experience
    Erlendur - West- and East-Europeans and their belief in reincarnation
    Erlendur - Three randomly selected Lebanese cases of children who claim memories of a past life
    Erlendur - Psychological characteristics of children who speak of a previous life: A further field study in Sri Lanka
    Erlendur - Children who speak of a previous life as a Buddhist monk
  32. Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson:
    → Can Things Endure in Tenseless Time
    → Do we really experience temporal passage
    → Time, Persistence, and Causality Towards a Dynamic View of Temporal Reality
  33. Francois Kammerer:-
    → Can you believe it? Illusionism about consciousness and the illusion meta-problem
    → Conscious Experiences as Ultimate Seemings: Renewing the Phenomenal Concept Strategy
    → Does the explanatory gap rest on a fallacy?
    → How a materialist can deny that the United States is probably conscious – response to Eric Schwitzgebel
    → How rich is the illusion of consciousness
    → Is the Antipathetic Fallacy responsible for the intuition that consciousness is distinct from the physical?
    → The illusion of conscious experience
    → The meta-problem of consciousness and the evidential approach
  34. Catherine Karkov: Post 'Anglo-Saxon' Melancholia
  35. Thomas Land: Conceptualism and the Objection from Animals
  36. Robin LePoidevin: Special Issue of Philosophy on Being: Developments in Contemporary Metaphysics - Introduction
  37. Ned Markosian
    → On the Argument from Quantum Cosmology against Theism
    → Questions of Time and Tense by Robin Le Poidevin
    → Sorensen's Argument against Vague Objects
    → The Paradox of the Question
  38. James G. Matlock: Matlock - Bibliography of Reincarnation Resources Online
  39. Ulrich Meyer - Review of Yuval Dolev, Time and Realism: Metaphysical and Antimetaphysical Perspectives
  40. Ryan Nefdt - On the plurality of times: disunified time and the A-series
  41. Francesco Orilia - Two metaphysical perspectives on the duration of the present
  42. Terence Parsons
    → Afterthoughts on Mass Terms
    → Are There Nonexistent Objects
    → Assertion, Denial, and the Liar Paradox
    → A-Theory for B-Theorists
    → A-Theory for Tense Logicians
    → The Eleatic Hangover Cure
    → The Methodology of Nonexistence
    → Theories of Persistence
    → Topological Drinking Problems
    → True Contradictions
    → What is an Argument
  43. Steven Pinker: The Evolutionary Psychology of Religion
  44. Alvin Plantinga: The Ontological Argument
  45. Mary Rambaran-Olm: Misnaming the Medieval: Rejecting 'Anglo-Saxon' Studies
  46. Oliver Sacks: The Abyss
  47. Thomas Sattig:-
    → Identity in 4D
    → Proper Name Change
    → Temporal Parts and Complex Predicates
  48. Steven Savitt: Chronogeometrical Determinism and the Local Present
  49. Daniel Shabasson - Explaining the Illusion of Phenomenal Consciousness: The False Inference Theory
  50. Scott A. Shalkowski: Essence and Being
  51. Ted Sider: Monism and Statespace Structure
  52. Peter Simons: Modes of Extension: Comments on Kit Fine’s ‘In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism’
  53. Elliott Sober:-
    → Absence of Evidence and Evidence of Absence: Evidential Transitivity in Connection with Fossils, Fishing, Fine-Tuning, and Firing Squads
    → Parsimony and models of animal minds
  54. Max Tegmark: The Mathematical Universe
  55. Giuliano Torrengo:-
    → Presentism and the Sceptical Challenge
    → Propositions and the Metaphysics of Time
    → Relative Truth and The Metaphysics of Tense
  56. J. Robbie G. Williams: Working Parts: Reply to Mellor
  57. N.T. Wright: Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection?2

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