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This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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This is an Electronic Pseudo-Book to record papers related to my Thesis on the topic of Personal Identity, or on other matters of interest, that I've not yet had time to log in my database.

I intend to list them here by category, and record the authors' names so that I will be alerted by the various links that I have these works.


  1. Aysha Akhtar: The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation
  2. Melinda R. Allen: Mirror self-recognition in a gorilla
  3. G.E.M. Anscombe: Review – Kripke - Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language x 2
  4. Elizabeth Barnes: Indeterminacy, Identity and Counterparts: Evans Reconsidered
  5. Sebastian Bender: Is Leibniz’s Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles Necessary or Contingent?
  6. Jose Luis Bermudez: Mindreading in the animal kingdom
  7. Ladislau Boloni: From the philosophy of personal identity to the laws of agent societies
  8. Ross P. Cameron: Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology
  9. Kit Fine: In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism
  10. Erlendur Haraldsson:-
    Erlendur - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: I. The Case of Purnima Ekanayake
    Erlendur - Birthmarks and Claims of Previous-Life Memories: II. The Case of Chatura Karunaratne
    Erlendur - Children who speak of a past life experience
    Erlendur - West- and East-Europeans and their belief in reincarnation
    Erlendur - Three randomly selected Lebanese cases of children who claim memories of a past life
    Erlendur - Psychological characteristics of children who speak of a previous life: A further field study in Sri Lanka
    Erlendur - Children who speak of a previous life as a Buddhist monk
  11. Thomas Land: Conceptualism and the Objection from Animals
  12. Robin LePoidevin: Special Issue of Philosophy on Being: Developments in Contemporary Metaphysics - Introduction
  13. James G. Matlock: Matlock - Bibliography of Reincarnation Resources Online
  14. Scott A. Shalkowski: Essence and Being
  15. Ted Sider: Monism and Statespace Structure
  16. Peter Simons: Modes of Extension: Comments on Kit Fine’s ‘In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism’
  17. Peter Van Inwagen: Existence1
    → Contents
    → Preface
    → Introduction - inside and outside the ontology room
    → Five questions
    → Can variables be explained away
    → Quine’s 1946 lecture on nominalism
    → Alston on ontological commitment
    → Causation and the mental
  18. J. Robbie G. Williams: Working Parts: Reply to Mellor



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