The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice
Baird (Robert M.) & Rosenbaum (Stuart E.), Eds.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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  1. More than a quarter century after Roe v. Wade, the debate over abortion1 — with all its moral, ethical, and religious implications — rages on. In their third edition of The Ethics of Abortion2, the editors continue to maintain a balanced, comprehensive approach toward the differing and evolving viewpoints on this complex issue, while at the same time providing readers with the information needed to draw their own conclusions on this heated topic.
  2. Twenty-four essays and four excerpts from landmark Supreme Court decisions — including eleven new contributions—cover the history of abortion3 in the pre-Roe period; creative responses to the problem of abandoned infants; abortion4 in relation to the Constitution, feminism, and Christianity; and the fundamental moral issues surrounding this polarizing controversy.
  3. Contributors include Joan C. Callahan, Sidney Callahan, Gregg Easterbrook, Harry J. Gensler, Rick Hampson, Jack Hitt, Miriam Jordan, Gary Leber, Daniel C. Maguire, Don Marquis, Kathryn E. May, Michael W. McConnell, Ellen Messer, Anna Quindlen, Roger A. Paynter, Jeffrey H. Reiman, Richard Selzer, Richard Schoenig, Paul D. Simmons, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Mary Anne Warren, John T. Wilcox, Naomi Wolf, and Melvin L. Wulf.
  4. Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum are professors of philosophy at Baylor University and editors of the Contemporary Issues series.

  1. Introduction
    → Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum
  2. Part One. Abortion5; Finding the Issue
    1. Abortion6
      → Richard Selzer
    2. The Bad Old Days
      → Ellen Messer and Kathryn E. May
    3. The Abortion7 Orphans
      → Anna Quindlen
    4. Saving Babies Left to Die: States Providing Safe Landing for Abandoned Infants
      → Rick Hampson
    5. Brief Lives
      → Miriam Jordan
    6. Who Will Do Abortions8 Here?
      → Jack Hitt
  3. Part Two. Abortion9 and the Constitution
    1. Roe V. Wade: The 1973 Supreme Court Decision on State Abortion10 Laws
    2. Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
    3. Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Robert P. Casey
    4. Don Stenberg, Attorney General of Nebraska et al., Petitioners v. Leroy Carhart
    5. Roe v. Wade at Twenty-five: Still Illegitimate
      → Michael W McConnell
    6. On the Origins of Privacy
      → Melvin L. Wulf
    7. Religious Liberty and Abortion11: Casey as Catch-22
      → Paul D. Simmons
  4. Part Three. Abortion12 and Feminism
    1. Abortion13 and the Sexual Agenda
      → Sidney Callahan
    2. Our Bodies, Our Souls
      → Naomi Wolf
  5. Part Four. Abortion14 and Christianity
    1. We Must Rescue Them
      → Gary Leber
    2. A Catholic Theologian at an Abortion15 Clinic
      → Daniel C. Maguire
    3. Personhood, the Bible, and Abortion16
      → Paul D. Simmons
    4. Christians and Abortion17
      Richard Schoenig
    5. Life in the Tragic Dimension: A Sermon on Abortion18
      → Roger A. Paynter
  6. Part Five. Abortion19 and Moral Philosophy
    1. "Thomson (Judith Jarvis) - A Defense of Abortion"
    2. Nature As Demonic in Thomson's Defense of Abortion20
      → John T Wilcox
    3. "Warren (Mary Anne) - On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion"
    4. An Appeal for Consistency
      → Harry J. Gensler
    5. The Fetus21 and Fundamental Rights
      Joan C. Callahan
    6. "Marquis (Don) - Why Abortion is Immoral"
    7. Asymmetric Value and Abortion22, with a Reply to Don Marquis
      → Jeffrey H. Reiman
    8. Abortion23 and Brain Waves
      Gregg Easterbrook


Prometheus Books; 3rd Revised Edition (20 Sept. 2001)

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