Here I Stand
Spong (John Shelby)
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  1. John Shelby Spong emerged from a fundamentalist childhood beset with racism, sexism, homophobia, and family dysfunction determined to discover a Christian faith relevant to the modern world. By making a stand for inclusion rather than exclusion, opportunity over discrimination, and intelligent questioning instead of blind faith, he has become a beloved champion to Christians both inside and outside the fold.
  2. Using his gift for storytelling, Bishop Spong reveals how he has challenged Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, the positions of John Paul II, and the Roman Catholic hierarchy, as well as the leadership of his own church.
  3. Here I Stand is the complete story of the pre-eminent champion of liberal Christianity and his lifelong quest to make the Church open to all who seek to follow the way of Jesus1.

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Footnote 1:

HarperCollins; First Edition (23 Nov. 2000)

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