New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future
Bridle (James)
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  1. New Dark Age covers myriad worthwhile topics related to the significant developments occurring in our global age as a result of technology, polarization and consumption. The topics raise a red flag and heighten readers’ awareness and should inspire concern and leeriness about events in the world and many of their own activities. Much of the focus in on how technology is being manipulated by the rich and powerful to become more rich and more powerful over and against consumers of technology and information. Whether it is spying for political power or manipulating consumers for financial gain, readers will find that they are being used one way or another.
  2. There is some interesting writing here that is insightful and alarming. I think the book could have been much more impactful and readable, however. I read an advanced reader's copy, so I hope it will be tightened up in publication. The writing rambles on the topics rather than focusing a coherent and cogent message. At the end of chapters, I'm looking for a discernible conclusion and purpose or even some guidance; however, the author is just conveying information and leaves it to the reader to ingest and apply it.
  3. Something that I noticed in the writing is that the author indicts conservatives (i.e. George W. Bush & Donald Trump) while absolving or ignoring faults of liberals (i.e. The Clintons and President Obama). While not disagreeing with his indictments, I do find that the lack of objective analysis of all sides of the political spectrum undermines the book's integrity and proves the general untrustworthiness of information that is a point of the book.
  4. I also found it ironic that a chapter that promotes the dangers of Climate Change is following by a chapter that points out the untrustworthiness of recent and contemporary scientific research and calculations for a variety of reasons. The author fails to put together why some folks might not buy into all we are told from politicians and scientists about climate change, etc.
  5. This is a worthwhile book, but it could have been more significant had it been more precise, unbiased and reader-friendly.
    → Craig Stephans

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