The Tragedy of the Twelve: The Rise and Fall of the ‘Mega-Apostles’ in Luke-Acts
Mansell (Peter)
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    Table of Contents
  1. Luke and the Art of Storytelling
  2. The Microstructure of Episodes in Luke-Acts
  3. The Macrostructure of Luke-Acts
  4. The Backstory of the Twelve Apostles in Luke’s Gospel
  5. Prologue – The Goals of the Apostles, Acts 1:1-12
  6. The Rise of the Twelve, Acts 1:13–4:31
  7. The ‘Mega-Apostles’, Acts 4:32–5:42
  8. The Περιπετεία of the Twelve (Acts 6:1-7)
  9. The Decline of the Twelve, Acts 6:8–8:25
  10. The Θεομάχοι Apostles?, Acts 8:26–11:18
  11. The Fall of the Twelve, Acts 11:19–12:25
  12. Conclusions

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