The Complete Short Stories
Hemingway (Ernest)
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    Publisher’s Preface
  1. “The First Forty-nine”
    1. Preface to “The First Forty-nine”
    2. The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
    3. The Capital of the World
    4. The Snows of Kilimanjaro
    5. Old Man at the Bridge
    6. Up in Michigan
    7. On the Quai at Smyrna
    8. Indian Camp
    9. The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife
    10. The End of Something
    11. The Three-Day Blow
    12. The Battler
    13. A Very Short Story
    14. Soldier’s Home
    15. The Revolutionist
    16. Mr. and Mrs. Elliot
    17. Cat in the Rain
    18. Out of Season
    19. Cross-Country Snow
    20. My Old Man
    21. Big Two-Hearted River: Part I
    22. Big Two-Hearted River: Part II
    23. The Undefeated
    24. In Another Country
    25. Hills Like White Elephants
    26. The Killers
    27. Che Ti Dice La Patria?
    28. Fifty Grand
    29. A Simple Enquiry
    30. Ten Indians
    31. A Canary for One
    32. An Alpine Idyll
    33. A Pursuit Race
    34. Today Is Friday
    35. Banal Story
    36. Now I Lay Me
    37. After the Storm
    38. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
    39. The Light of the World
    40. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
    41. The Sea Change
    42. A Way You’ll Never Be
    43. The Mother of a Queen
    44. One Reader Writes
    45. Homage to Switzerland
    46. A Day’s Wait
    47. A Natural History of the Dead
    48. Wine of Wyoming
    49. The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio
    50. Fathers and Sons
  2. Short Stories Published in Books or Magazines Subsequent to “The First Forty-nine”
    1. One Trip Across
    2. The Tradesman’s Return
    3. The Denunciation
    4. The Butterfly and the Tank
    5. Night Before Battle
    6. Under the Ridge
    7. Nobody Ever Dies
    8. The Good Lion
    9. The Faithful Bull
    10. Get a Seeing-Eyed Dog
    11. A Man of the World
    12. Summer People
    13. The Last Good Country
    14. An African Story
  3. Previously Unpublished Fiction
    1. A Train Trip
    2. The Porter
    3. Black Ass at the Cross Roads
    4. Landscape with Figures
    5. I Guess Everything Reminds You of Something
    6. Great News from the Mainland
    7. The Strange Country

  • Downloaded from Link
  • The Finca Vigia Edition, Scribner, NY, 1987, Simon & Schuster Inc.
  • Searched out because of a discussion on BBC Radio 3 of "The Killers" (which was made into Ronald Reagan's last film before he took to politics).
  • Otherwise, I studied "Indian Camp" at school for English Literature 'O' Level (as part of the set book "Modern Short Stories").

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