Christian Beliefs About Life After Death
Badham (Paul)
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    Preface - vii
  1. Part I
    1. The Contribution of the Old Testament to the Development of the Christian Hope - 3
    2. The Significance of Jesus’ Resurrection - 18
  2. Part II
    1. The Traditional Belief in the Resurrection of the Flesh - 47
    2. John Hick’s Theory of the Divine Creation of an Exact Replica - 65
    3. The Resurrection of the Body in Modern Thought - 85
  3. Part III
    1. A Defence of the Concept of the Soul - 97
    2. A Critique of the Mind-Brain Identity Theory - 105
    3. Why Materialism is a Self-refuting Theory - 125
    4. The Immortality of the Soul - 133
    Notes - 147


Macmillan (October 1976)

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