Hilary Putnam
Ben-Menahem (Yamima), Ed.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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Book Preface

  1. The richness of Hilary Putnam’s philosophical oeuvre consists not only in the broad spectrum of problems addressed but also in the transformations and restructuring his positions have undergone over the years. The essays collected in this volume are sensitive to both these dimensions.
  2. They discuss Putnam’s major philosophical contributions to the theory of meaning, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of science and mathematics, and moral theory. But, in addition, tracing threads of change and continuity, they analyze the dynamics underlying the unfolding of Putnam’s thought.
  3. The volume also constitutes a critical introduction to a number of central issues in contemporary philosophy, including quantum logic, realism, functionalism, the ‘mind as computer’ metaphor, and the fact/value dichotomy.
  4. Yemima Ben-Menahem is a member of the Department of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • CUP, Contemporary Philosophy in Focus, 2005
  • Downloaded from EPDF - Ben-Menahem - Hilary Putnam.
  • I've not heard of most of the authors, but there's an interesting-sounding paper:-
    Nancy Cartwright - "Another Philosopher Looks at Quantum Mechanics, or What Quantum Theory Is Not"

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