The Good Tempered Oboe
Mower (Mike)
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  1. Answer the Question,
  2. Blue Truth,
  3. Chilli Con Salsa,
  4. Dop Dop Doobah,
  5. Drifting Off,
  6. Flat Feet,
  7. It's Bop, Not Pop,
  8. Jauntless Jig1,
  9. Le Petit Chien,
  10. May the Fourth be with You2,
  11. Quirky Quails,
  12. Sirens,
  13. Small Town Swing,
  14. Straight to the Point,
  15. Tectonic Groove.

In-Page Footnotes ("Mower (Mike) - The Good Tempered Oboe")

Footnotes 1, 2:
Book Comment
  • Schott (1 Jan. 2000)
  • 48 Graded pieces for solo oboe.

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