MOSSO: Example Auctions and Quizzes
Granville (Richard) & Burn (David)
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  1. For the last three years, Richard Granville and David Burn have been developing MOSSO, a new bidding system derived from Two-over-One, Fantunes and Polish Club.
  2. MOSSO brings together the best features of its parent systems, while providing an effective interface between them. The system has been the subject of enthusiastic discussion on the popular website
  3. The first volume, "Granville (Richard) & Burn (David) - The MOSSO Bidding System", describes the full system in detail.
  4. This second volume contains example auctions and quizzes.
  5. Richard Granville has represented the UK at both Bridge and Go. A software engineer by trade, he now works as part-time bridge writer on the No Fear Bridge website, to which he has contributed more than 2000 declarer and defense problems.


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