Aquinas on Being
Kenny (Anthony)
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Author’s Introductory Paragraph (from the Preface)

  1. The subject of Being is one of the most important of all philosophical concerns. St Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest of all philosophers. It will be the aim of this book to show that on this crucial topic this first-rank philosopher was thoroughly confused. The project may well seem a bizarre one, and to need explanation at the outset. The explanation will take an autobiographical form.

  1. On Being and Essence: I – 1
  2. On Being and Essence: II – 25
  3. Commentary on the Sentences – 51
  4. Disputed Questions on Truth – 64
  5. Summa contra Gentiles – 81
  6. Questions Disputed in Rome – 114
  7. Summa Theologiae: I – 131
  8. Summa Theologiae: II – 159
  9. Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics – 172
  10. Conclusion: Twelve Types of Being – 189
    Appendix: Frege and Aquinas on Existence and Number – 195
    Bibliography – 205
    Index – 209


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